Jana Hackathorn

I am interested in several areas of social psychology including but not limited to interpersonal processes, social influence, and social cognition. My main interests lie in the processes within romantic relationships. I am interested in studying how people begin, maintain, destroy, and dissolve romantic relationships. Most recently I have been involved in studies examining sociosexuality, infidelity, and sexual guilt. Finally, I am also interested in the scholarship of teaching. I study various teaching methods that can increase students’ depth of learning, and how to increase engagement in the classroom.

In addition to the research listed in my vitae, here are a few current student led projects that I am involved in this year:

  • Predicting mate-poaching behaviors

  • Relationships between sociosexuality and self-esteem

  • Influence of religiosity and sexual guilt on perceptions of pornography

  • Cultural influences on ambivalent sexism

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