Graduate Robing Ceremony

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts Graduate Robing Ceremony augments the graduation experience by focusing on graduate degree candidates.  The ceremony allows family, friends, faculty, and staff to witness the ritual hooding of the graduate candidate in a more intimate setting.  

The hood is a part of traditional academic dress whose origins date back to the 12th and 13th centuries, when universities were taking form. Today, hoods are a symbolic garment and the most expressive component of the academic costume.  They serve to communicate the owner’s school, degree and field of study through their length and the colors of the lining and binding. Today’s hoods have evolved from a serviceable article of clothing to a type of elongated scarf draped over the shoulders and displayed down the back with the lining exposed.

The CHFA Robing Ceremony will be held on the Friday evening prior to the Spring Commencement in May.  At which time, we will honor all December, May and August graduates.

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