Department of History

The Department of History at Murray State University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in History and History/Social Studies Certification. The department also offers minors in British Studies, East Asian Studies, History, and Religious Studies.

Both degrees prepare students for many career opportunities because of the skill-set developed in coursework. The average undergraduate class size is 15. Career options for history students include work in education, libraries, archives, museums or galleries, journalism, politics, law, information science, producers of multimedia material, and many more. Both degrees also prepare students for graduate work at the M.A. or Ph.D. level.

The Master of Arts program in history offers advanced studies to qualified students in U.S. and Global History. The average graduate class size is 6. The M.A. enables teachers with teaching certification to meet Rank II certification in Kentucky public schools.

Academic Programs

An historian’s work requires the mastery of a number of skills—chiefly patience, attention to detail, thinking analytically and communicating clearly—that are highly beneficial across a range of career paths. History majors go on to become educators, researchers, lawyers, television and film writers, business people and government officials. History opens a door and you decide what career lies on the other side.

Earn your Bachelor's degree in History or earn your Social Studies Certification if you want to become a teacher.

Enhance your course of study with a minor in British Studies, East Asian Studies, History or Religious Studies.

Get a head start on your Master's degree while you earn your Bachelor's degree.

Earn your Master's degree in History.

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