Pre-Law Program

 Political Science Graduating Seniors and Faculty Spring 2016

Why Major in Political Science/Pre-Law Area?

The Pre-Law focus in Political Science combines a political science major with a pre-law minor. With the Pre-Law Area, the undergraduate pre-law student is actually working toward two objectives: admission to law school and to complete an undergraduate degree which will help students compete in law school. Our former Pre-Law students have gone on to a variety of law schools, including University of Louisville, St. Louis University and University of Kentucky.  

What can you do with a Political Science/Pre Law Area Degree?

Students in this track usually go to law school and go on to become attorneys.  

Program Requirements

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science Degree (CIP 45.1001)

University Studies Requirements (39-43 hours)

  • University Studies selections must include:
    • Scientific Inquiry: STA 135 Intro to Probabilities and Statistics
    • World’s Historical Traditions: POL 261 Intro to Political Theory

Required Courses (19 hours)

  • POL 100T Transitions
  • POL 140 American National Government
  • POL 240 State and Local Government
  • POL 250 Intro to International Relations or POL 252 Intro to Comparative Politics or POL 252 Intro to Comparative Politics
  • POL 359 Writing and Inquiry in the Social Sciences
  • POL 360 Research Methods
  • POL 499 Senior Seminar in Political Science

Pre-Professional Legal Studies Courses (30 hours)

  • CRJ 140 Intro to Criminal justice
  • COM 261 Debate and Advocacy
  • LST 240 Legal Environment of business
  • LST 300 Intro to Legal Research
  • LST 310 Legal Analysis and Writing
  • LST 446 Criminal Law
  • POL 441 Legislative Process
  • POL 444 Judicial Process
  • POL 445 Constitutional Law I
  • POL 447 Constitutional Law II

Required Limited Electives (18 hours)
Note: At least 12 hours must be at the 300 level or above
Select hours from the following:

  • PH 103 Critical Thinking or PHI 203 Symbolic Logic
  • HIS 176 History of the U.S. Constitution
  • ENG 226 Argument and Discourse
  • ENG 370 Law and Literature
  • COM 367 Communication and Critical Thought
  • LST 242 Real Estate Law
  • LST 250 Mock Trial (up to six hours)
  • LST 400 Litigation and Trial Practice
  • PSY 245 Law and Psychology
  • SOC 442 Law and Society
  • SOC 445 Media and Crime
  • CRJ 544 Constitutional and Legal Issues in Criminal Justice
  • POL 442 Government and Business
  • POL 457 International Law and Organizations
  • POL 476 Law and Public Administration
  • POL 488/489 Internship

Unrestricted Electives (10-14 hours)

Total Curriculum Requirements (120 hours)

Legal Studies Minor (21 hours)

LST 240, 300, and 310; and 12 hours of LST electives. Only three hours of credit allowed from LST 250,

488, 489, or 495. Six hours must be upper-level courses completed at Murray State University.

Computer knowledge and a minimum grade of C in ENG 105 are required of all students (including transfers) pursuing this minor. No substitutions and/or alterations in the above curriculum shall be made without written approval of department chair.

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