Major in Political Science with Social Studies Certification

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science Degree

CIP 45.1001

University Studies Requirements (41-47 hours)

University Studies selections must include:

  • Scientific Inquiry, Methodologies and Quantitative Skills: STA 135 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • University Studies Approved Elective: CSC 199 Introduction to Information Technology

Note: Certification requires a grade of B or better in one English composition course and a C or better in a University Studies math course, public speaking, and EDU 103 or equivalent course. Additional requirements for admission to teacher education and student teaching must be met. See advisor and/or Office of Teacher Education Services for details.

Required Courses (21 hours)

  • ENG 205 Writing for the Social Sciences
  • POL 099 Transitions
  • POL 140 American National Government
  • POL 250 Introduction to International Relations
  • POL 252 Contemporary Political Systems
  • POL 261 Introduction to Political Theory
  • POL 360 Research Methods
  • POL 499 Senior Seminar in Political Science

Required Limited Electives (18 hours)

POL electives approved by advisor.

Note: At least 12 hours of the major must be at the 400-level. Only six hours of credit toward the major may be received from POL 488, 489, or 495.

Required for Secondary Certification (35-38 hours)

  • COM 372 Communication in Educational Environments
  • EDP 260 Psychology of Human Development
  • EDU 103 Issues and Practices of American Education
  • EDU 303 Strategies of Teaching
  • EDU 403 Structures and Foundations of Education
  • EDU 405 Evaluation and Measurement in Education
  • EDU 422 Student Teaching Seminar (optional)
  • SEC 420 Practicum in Secondary Schools
  • SEC 421 Student Teaching in the Secondary School
  • SED 300 Educating Students with Disabilities

Required Minor (21-24 hours)

Choose either economics, geography, history or social science minor. Social science minor is recommended.

Total Curriculum Requirements (136-148 hours)

The requirements listed above are an example of what is applicable to most students entering Murray State University at the present time. Criteria as they may relate to individual students may vary. The primary source is the Undergraduate Bulletin applicable at the time of the student enrollment.

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