Minor in Social Science

Social Science Minor — 24 hrs

Open only to majors in economics, history or political science who seek secondary certification in social studies.

ECO 231, EES 110, HIS 221, 222, POL 140, SOC 133; and six hours of upper level courses (300 or above) from the social science disciplines with approval of advisor. Courses required for a major may not be counted toward the minor; substitutions must be from a social science discipline other than the major and be approved by the advisor; and requirements for certification for teaching secondary school social studies, grades 8 through 12 through the College of Education must also be met.

The requirements listed above are an example of what is applicable to most students entering Murray State University at the present time. Criteria as they may relate to individual students may vary. The primary source is the Undergraduate Bulletin applicable at the time of the student enrollment.

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