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President Trump Nominates Tim Thomas (former Political Science student) to Serve as ARC Federal Co-Chair

Michael James Pape (former Political Science student) joining VillageMD KY.

Political Science

Colton Givens, Attorney

(Graduated in 2013)

"Through my participation in Murray State Mock Trial and the legal studies classes offered by the political science department, I knew that I wanted to go to law school. My political science classes helped me develop the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills I used to be successful in law school, and I still use those skills every day in my work as an attorney."

Erin Shaughnessy, University of Louisville Law School Student

(Graduated in May, 2016), Hometown: Louisville

“My educational experience has been invaluable because I have been fortunate enough to be taught by teachers who truly care about their students.”

Stephen Terkula, Legal Administrative Specialist, Department of Veterans Affairs

(Graduated in May, 2016), Hometown: Louisville

“As a recent graduate of the Political Science Program, I highly recommend the program as it is thoroughly designed by the faculty to engage students in intellectual conversation, enhance critical thinking, and develop practical skills both in and out of the classroom. Within the program, there are organizations such as Model United Nations and Mock Trial that can expand one’s leadership and communication skills. The professors are also extremely knowledgeable, provide in-depth analysis, and go above and beyond in assisting students. In addition, the professors and staff truly embody the principles that Murray State University has come to establish in the program, community, and abroad.”

International Studies

Sophie Howard, Trade Specialist, Alabama Department of Commerce

(Graduated in December, 2015), Hometown: Huntsville, AL

"The International Studies Program is truly one of Murray State's assets. I took many courses with Dr. Kang during my university years, giving me knowledge about East Asian politics and international relations that helps me keep the 'big picture' in mind in my career at the Alabama Department of Commerce.  Dr. Kang's guidance was also invaluable in the composition, editing and defense of my senior thesis, a project that seemed insurmountable at the outset but that I now look back on as the capstone of my academic achievement at Murray State. I strongly recommend the program to anyone interested in careers in international diplomacy, politics, conflict and/or humanitarianism."

Allison Strong, Graduate Student in Master of Human Rights, University of Minnesota

(Graduated in May, 2017), Cincinnati, OH

“In the face of diverse worldwide opportunities and wide-ranging global threats, Murray State's International Studies program has enabled me to critically think about the world and has prepared me to enter into a field dedicated to solving the world’s most pressing problems. The International Studies program is interdisciplinary in nature, as it challenged me to take coursework in fields as diverse as the areas of interest of International Studies students—offering elective courses such as Issues in the Global Economy, Genocide in World History, American Foreign Policy, and Government and Politics of Latin America. Studying abroad as a part of Murray State's International Studies program requirements drastically changed my view of the world’s existing power structures, as I became more globally-minded and internationally aware of events happening outside the comfortable borders of my own country. My International Studies’ thematic cluster in Human Rights allowed me to find the place where my passions and skill sets meet, and has influenced my future career plans by motivating me to begin a graduate program pursuing a Master of Human Rights degree.”


Chris Mahan, TRIO Advisor, Klamath Community College

(Graduated in 2016)
“The faculty and staff of the Murray State Sociology Program have contributed to my success during college and beyond. In less than two months from graduating from Murray State University, I have accepted a position as a TRIO advisor who works with students with disadvantaged backgrounds at Klamath Community College. I am indebted to the staff and faculty from the Sociology Program for my success. Murray State University is the best student-centered university in the country.”

Yesenia Huizar

(Graduated in May 2016)

“Sociology program at Murray State University allowed me to not only expand my knowledge in a field that I love, but also see the world in a different form. One that works toward equality, acceptance, and justice for everyone. It gave me the tools necessary to grow in my personal life and my professional life.”

Public Administration

Amy Frogue, Associate Director of Community & Economic Development, Pennyrile Area Development District

(Graduated in 2009), Hometown: Hopkinsville

“My experience in the Murray State University’s Master of Public Administration program has enabled me to truly make a difference in my organization and with the constituents we serve. The most beneficial part of the program for me was the experience and knowledge of the professors and their ability to relate and apply the material to real life situations. As a non-traditional student, the Department Head was more than willing to assist me with scheduling and accommodations that allowed for program completion in a timely manner while maintaining full time employment. I would absolutely recommend the program for individuals interested in furthering their education in the public administration field!”

A. Hannibal Leach, Assistant Professor, Fisk University

(graduated in 2013)

"Murray State was not only academically rigorous, but it also instilled in me a heightened sense of pride for my own professionalization. The faculty, staff, and curriculum at Murray State were instrumental in providing valuable organizational structure to my career."

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