Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and statistics are used in every human endeavor with a quantitative component. To name a few, physics, engineering, chemistry, economics, finance, biology and business all rely on mathematics or statistics, and so do many other fields that you may be interested in.

Whether you need our disciplines as a tool in your studies, or you are studying mathematics and statistics in its own right, we are happy to help you hone your mathematics and statistics skills! More than 20 of our dedicated full-time faculty members work on your educational goals through:

  • Teaching classes: Our faculty excel in making difficult material understandable.   It is no surprise that a number of them have received Board of Regents' Teaching Awards!
  • Student research: Students gain advanced knowledge through participation in research projects with faculty members, which are plentiful.
  • Mathematics-related social activities: Our faculty are enthusiastic supporters of  organizations such as the Euclidean Math Club, or chapters of national organizations Pi Mu Epsilon and the Association for Women in Mathematics.

Our faculty regularly publishes research in pure and applied mathematics, and statistics.  Keeping abreast of new developments in our areas of specialty helps us in shaping new curriculum content.  We are supported by excellent physical facilities and strong library holdings of many current journals in the mathematical sciences.

Our department offers programs leading to baccalaureate and master's degrees.  Please look through our pages to learn the details of our programs and learn about the department's other activities.  Thank you for visiting!

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The mission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is to engage the larger mathematical community through scholarship and research, to provide our service region with mathematical and statistical support for its educational and industrial objectives, and to equip our students with mathematical skills which they may apply in further degree programs and careers requiring expertise in mathematics. In particular, through our instruction and guidance we endeavor to provide our students with an understanding of mathematical ideas, and the ability to reason mathematically, analyze real world problems with mathematical techniques, and continue to read, learn, and communicate mathematics.

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