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On this page you will find information and documents that will help you choose courses in mathematics and statistics that are appropriate for your major or satisfy a university studies requirement.

The KYOTE placement exam

The KYOTE (KentuckY Online Testing Environment) is a placement system to help students and advisors find the right mathematics course in which to begin. While the ACT and SAT are commonly used for placement, they were not written to be placement exams. Moreover, sometimes these scores are taken more than a year before they will be used for placement. All students will still be allowed to use their ACT or SAT scores, but the KYOTE provides a chance for students to obtain a fresh placement score at no cost, as well as brush up on their skills.

To take the exam, follow the instructions:

  1. Register for a free KYOTE account. To register for a free placement account (or to log into one which you already have) go to KYOTE using the FireFox or Chrome browser. In the upper left of the page there are login and registration links for student accounts. If you do not yet have an account, select Register to register for a student placement account (in the upper left-hand portion of the web page). When entering a student number, enter the numerical component of your MNumber (if you know your MSU MNumber) otherwise enter a number that you will remember.
  2. Practice as much or as little as you please. It is good to take at least one practice exam, because that allows you to get accustomed to the style of questions before taking the actual exam. To do so, contact Ed Thome at and inform him of your intended major. He will reply with the name and password of a practice placement exam, along with instructions for how to access the practice exam. The KYOTE exams usually take between 40 minutes and an hour.
  3. Take an official KYOTE exam for placement. On campus students may do so by taking the exam at one of the regular times (early January, late March, mid-August or late October) or contact Ed Thome at for an available time.

KYOTE scores will not replace any other placement score which Murray State has entered in your account, and those scores may still be used. The KYOTE is a free opportunity to freshen your score and hone your skills.

Frequently asked questions


I have taken MAT 140. My advisor says I need to take MAT 150 for my degree, but I see I cannot receive credit for both MAT 140 and 150. What should I do?

Take MAT 145: the combination of MAT 140 and MAT 145 is equivalent to MAT 150.

I am taking MAT 117 because my advisor says it is a prerequisite (or will help me) in MAT 140 (or some other higher-numbered course). This way I am at least earning college credit.

MAT 117 is not a prerequisite for any MAT course. It also has nothing in common with other MAT courses, so will not really help you with any other MAT course.


Which computer-science courses count for my computer programming requirement as a mathematics major?

Take any of CSC 145, CSC 232, CSC 233 or CSC 235.

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