Proctored Exams Policy for Online Courses

In order to maintain integrity of the testing process, the department requires that anyone who takes an online course and cannot take exams on Murray State's campus must find a proctor to administer an exam.

A proctor is typically a person employed in education, but may also be a human resources or training manager at a company, or an education officer in the military.  The services of an official testing center of an accredited college or a university may also be used.  The proctor may not be a relative of the student, nor have the student as supervisor.   A proctor must be able to easily receive documents (possibly by email) at their place of employment (this is where they will receive the tests to be proctored). It is the responsibility of the student to secure a proctor within three weeks of the beginning of the semester, and submit their name to the department for approval.

Please note that only testing centers are allowed to receive payment for proctoring services.  Murray State does not compensate proctors.

Here are the necessary forms that contain more details:

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