Remote Sensing Software

Landsat 8 - LBLIntergraph / ERDAS Imagine is an image processing software suite. ERDAS Imagine is primarily used for the analysis and interpretation of remote sensing data such as that acquired by specially-equipped aircraft or by any of a number of satellites, e.g. Landsat and Quickbird. ERDAS has been a constant tool for image processing research at MARC for over 25 years.

ERDAS Imagine while predominantly an image processing software product also provides a suite of GIS tools and plug-ins for connecting to popular databases, such as SQL Server and Oracle, and to other GIS software suites, like ESRI ArcGIS Desktop.

The Mapping Applications and Resource Center supports a Higher Education Academic Kit (HEAK). The HEAK support provides for two, 15-seat software licenses. HEAK licenses are managed from a Murray State license server and ERDAS Imagine runs only on computers connected to the Murray State University academic network.

ERDAS Imagine is installed in two campus computer labs, one computer lab at MARC, and one computer lab within the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. These are teaching labs and not open to the general student population nor the general public. 

Interested Faculty

Faculty outside the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences interested in the use of ERDAS Imagine for education or research should contact the MARC Coordinator of GIS  for details on downloading, installing, and licensing Imagine.

Interested Students

The potential exists for students to obtain a one-year student license of ERDAS Imagine. Interested students should email msu.mapping to request an ERDAS License Authorization Code (LAC) and instructions for accessing the software. Murray State University-MARC does not provide the software, only the LAC. The number of licenses is limited, with students enrolled in current remote sensing courses given priority. Remaining licenses are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

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