Map-making and Graphic Design

MSU callbox mapThe Mapping Applications Resource Center specializes in geospatial applications, cartography, and graphic design.

MARC uses geographic information systems (GIS) to develop custom application, cartographic map products, and graphic designs for a range of applications and uses. The development of these custom products incorporates unique client information, unique data sets, plus commonly available geographic information, such as demographic data available from the U.S. Census Bureau and imagery available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Geological Survey.

What Can MARC Do For You?

One way to address the question is to consider projects MARC has engaged in previously. Our resume is fairly extensive. Over the 35 year history of MARC, we have engaged in numerous projects covering a wide variety of topics.

  • U.S.G.S. National Gap Analysis Program (link): MARC was the primary investigator for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  • Kentucky Utilities (link): MARC authored data products pertaining to unemployment and labor force information to assist with KU's economic development activities.
  • Kentucky Broadband Initiative: MARC was an initial component of the Kentucky Broadband Initiative, working with ConnectKentucky to develop the first collection of broadband service maps for the state.
  • Teacher Education Training & Professional Development: MARC hosts a number of workshops each year to train area K-12 teachers in GIS, GPS, and other geospatial endeavors to engage students early in their academic careers to the power and usefulness of geography. MARC associates are active with the Kentucky Geographic Alliance (KGA) and are AAG Geomentors (link).

Many Murray State University facilities and offices have partnered with MARC to develop mapping and graphic projects.

  • Watershed Studies Institute, Murray State University (link): MARC assists in the database management of regional watershed information related to the Tennessee River/Kentucky Lake, the Cumberland River/Lake Barkley, and the Four Rivers region which includes the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
  • Murray State Police Department and Emergency Management: MARC was responsible for authoring the hard-copy parking maps.
  • Office of Institutional Effectiveness: MARC authored map products showcasing demographic and education data pertaining to regional and national trends in secondary and higher education.
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