Plotting and Print Services

MARC provides basic printing services for faculty, staff, and current students.

MARC maintains a 42-inch wide Canon IPF815 color printer. The Canon printer creates very nice full-color hard-copy output. We use high-quality heavyweight bright bond paper suitable for lamination. MARC does not support lamination, though Murray State Printing Services will laminate or mount graphics to suit your need. Hard-copy print products are typically posters showcasing faculty, staff, or student research for Sigma Xi, Posters at the Capitol, or other regional or national conferences.

Suitable File Formats

MARC prefers Powerpoint PPT or PPTX files for printing. We can support other graphic file formats, such as TIFF, JPG, PNG, produced from either CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator. On occasion, PDF files do present problems so providing files in a couple different formats is a good idea.

Printing Dimensions

The Canon IPF815 is 42-inches wide, limiting one dimension (x or y) to 42-inches. The poster criteria for most conferences has a size maximum usually set at 48-inches. The most common dimension for posters is 36(h) x 48(w).


Files can be transferred to MARC via Google Drive. Google Drive provides a simple means to share files. Once the poster is printed the contact person will be notified. The poster can be delivered or made available for collection in the EES business office.

Turn-around Time

Please allow 24-48 hours for printing. MARC tries to print immediately but once in a while things happen. MARC staff tend to proof-read posters and graphic products. In the event we catch something, the author may want time to correct content so the poster can be re-printed. Given enough lead time, we may also fine-tune posters, correcting for alignment, text, or graphical issues. The more time we have to examine products the more time is available to modify content prior to the pertinent event or activity.

Cost Recovery

MARC does charge a nominal fee for printing, as a way to recover costs for printing supplies. Such charges are rarely in excess of $25 for a 36in x 48in poster or graphic.

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