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MARC Supports Esri's GIS Products

MARC supports many of Esri's software products, plus other software applications from Esri. Currently-employed faculty, staff, and enrolled students have free access to Murray State University's ArcGIS Online for Education (AGO) cloud GIS, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS for Desktop.

All Esri software products are to be used for academic learning, academic research, and management of campus facilities. Use of Esri products for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.

Questions regarding appropriate use can be directed by email to the Murray State University Coordinator of GIS & Esri/CPE/Murray State University contract representative, Mr. Michael Busby,

How to Gain Access to Esri's ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online Products

Fall 2021 Murray State University incorporated Esri into the Single Sign-On (SSO) protocol. Using the SSO method provides faculty, staff, and students an automatic license for AGO and ArcGIS Pro plus four extensions, 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, Geospatial Analyst, and Network Analyst.

Faculty, staff, and students should visit the ArcGIS website and follow the prompts.

For full details please download and read Getting Started with ArcGIS. This document covers signing-in to ArcGIS Online, downloading, installing, and licensing ArcGIS Pro.

How to Gain Access to Esri's ArcGIS for Desktop

MARC supports the latest version of ArcGIS for Desktop 10.8.2. To be clear, Esri has announced the ArcGIS for Desktop is being deprecated by 2026, meaning all support for the software will end in 2026. Esri encourages all users to begin migrating GIS workflows to ArcGIS Pro.

Faculty, staff, and students can request a copy of ArcGIS for Desktop for academic use on their laptops or desktops, or for computer labs. Computers must be able to be attached to the Murray State University network in order to borrow a license. For details please email Mr. Michael Busby,

Esri Academy Education / Online Training

MARC supports GIS training and education in part through Esri's Training Academy, an online training program specific to learning GIS using ArcGIS for Desktop. Through our participation in the Commonwealth of Kentucky's statewide license agreement between KY-CPE and Esri, Murray State University has access to many E-Learning online courses for no charge. 

Faculty, staff, and students can access the Esri Academy by using the Murray State University SSO and sign-in. Under the user profile link (upper-right), click Training. Choose Catalog - Course Catalog. Below the line of Topic cards, find Formats and select Web Courses. The web course cards will update and show those web courses covered under our contract. Make sure to examine each card for the Requires Maintenance status. A closed padlock indicates the course is not covered; an open padlock indicates the course is covered by our contract. Courses can be managed using the Academy dashboard. Faculty also have the option of building a collection of web courses and assigning those courses through the dashboard.

MARC supports ERDAS Imagine from Hexagon

MARC supports Hexagon/ERDAS Imagine Professional image processing software. MARC does not have a campus-wide license for Erdas Imagine, so users must be enrolled in one of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences courses to gain access to the software. For students, we do have a limited number of free student licenses. Requests for the licenses must be initiated by the course professor or faculty mentor.

Need A Map or Map-related Graphics?

MARC also works with all Murray State University campus administrative offices and academic areas. We provide custom mapping and associated cartographic and graphic services. Our products can be customized for a wide variety of projects and publications. We have produced content for many academic areas, plus the Office of the President, Office of the Provost, Center for Adult and Regional Education, Upward Bound, Facilities Management, and Murray State Police and Emergency Management. If your project requires a mapping component or could use a eye-catching map graphic, contact us and we will consult with you on your project.

Poster Printing Services

MARC supports a 42-inch full-color Canon IPF815 printer. We can print posters, images, and various other products necessary for poster sessions, seminars, workshops, or conference presentations. Preferred file types are Powerpoint (PPT or PPTX), CorelDraw, or Adobe Illustrator. Occasionally, very large PDF files will not print, so try to have the graphic files in two different formats in the event of a printing issue. MARC can charge against Murray State accounts or grants, so please be knowledgeable of the FOPAL number for inter-account billing.

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