Education Abroad Advising

Follow these steps to start your journey today!

Attend an open advising session

If you have general questions or don't know where to start, come to one of our open advising sessions or request a zoom link. These sessions take place every Monday at 3 and Thursday at 11 in Blackburn 135. You can drop by one of these sessions at any stage of the application process. No appointment needed.

Start your application OR consider meeting with an Education Abroad Advisor

If you know which program you want to apply for you can start your application anytime! If you need help narrowing  your options, you may consider meeting with an advisor in our office. Before your appointment, consider the following:

  • Research available programs on the study abroad website. Your search should take location, time of year, and length of program into consideration, but your focus should remain on the academic fit for your study abroad with the major/minor/area or other degree requirements you have remaining to fulfill for graduation.

  • Limit your options to a few programs that interest you and appear to fit your academic and personal requirements. Think about your personal goals for study abroad, such as independence, language fluency, a specific course fulfillment, or heritage-seeking goal. These aspects should also guide your search and help narrow your options.

  • Complete this form before coming to your appointment.

  • Make an appointment using the Google Calendars below!

How to make an appointment

  1. Find your Education Abroad Advisor based on your major

  2. Select an available appointment slot on their calendar below

  3. Please choose your appointment slot at least 24 hours in advance

  4. In the "Description" section: fill in your name, year in school, major, any study abroad programs you are interested in, and whether you will attend in person or via Zoom. 

Meet your Education Abroad Advisors

You must be logged in to your Murray State email account to see the calendars below. If you have class or work conflicts with the available times, email the advisor to request a different appointment slot. In the "Description" section: fill in your name, year in school, major, and any study abroad programs you are interested in.

Meet Steven

Steven Guns (he/him/his)

Steven Guns (he/him/his)

Senior Education Abroad Advisor
Education Abroad

119 Blackburn

Steven advises students in the Arthur J Bauernfeind College of Business, College of Education and Human Services, and Jesse D. Jones College of Science, Engineering, and Technology. He also works with CCSA, International Business Seminars, ISA programs, CEA programs, and Study USA.

Schedule an appointment with Steven

Meet Melanie

Melanie McCallon Seib (she/her/hers)

Melanie McCallon Seib (she/her/hers)

Education Abroad

117 Blackburn

Melanie advises students who are interested in the London Spring Break and Fall Semester in Regensburg programs.

Schedule an appointment with Melanie

Meet Christy

Christy D'Ambrosio (she/her/hers)

Christy D'Ambrosio (she/her/hers)

Education Abroad Advisor
Education Abroad

115 Blackburn

Christy advises students in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, Huston School of Agriculture, School of Nursing and Health Professionals as well as students who are interested in KIIS programs.

Schedule an appointment with Christy

Meet Chloe

Chloe Chaplin

Chloe Chaplin

Education Abroad Advisor
Education Abroad

114 Blackburn

Chloe advises students interested in research abroad, internships abroad, and service learning abroad.

Schedule an appointment with Chloe

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