Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress:

Federal and state regulations require all students who receive, or may receive, assistance from federal programs make measurable academic progress toward a degree in order to assure the completion of their degree program within a reasonable period of time. Per federal regulations, your rate of progression while in college will determine whether you remain eligible for federal financial assistance. This policy applies to all students even if you are not receiving financial aid for the period currently being monitored.

  • Policy change notifications will be sent to your Murray State email (RacerMail). You may review your status on myGate.
  • If you receive a financial aid suspension, you may want to consider filing an appeal if you believe you have mitigating circumstances.
  • Academic suspension: this status is different from the Student of Financial Aid Office Satisfactory Academic Progress(SAP) for financial aid eligibility. Refer to the office of registrar website for the Academic Suspension Appeal Policy.

Important notice: Because there is no guarantee an appeal will be reviewed or approved prior to bills going out - students must establish an alternate method of payment to prevent the Bursar from purging your classes.

All appeals must be received within 30 days of the start of the semester for which you are appealing. Appeals received after this time frame will be administratively denied for that semester. However, you can request to have the appeal filed for the following semester.

To initiate a Financial Aid SAP appeal, you must complete a SAP Financial Aid appeal form and provide supporting documentation as outlined below. The form may be obtained from within your myGate account under the Financial Aid Forms link.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies and Information

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