Expected Costs

(Last updated for the 2023-2024 school year)

Please note: all fees are listed in USD, are subject to change without notice and there is a $20.00 service charge on all returned checks. 

English as a Second Language Program Fees:

  • Application Fee (does not include express shipping fee): $75.00
  • Airport Pick-Up Fee (the nearest international airport is 2 hours from campus; it is necessary for you to request airport pick-up if you need our staff to pick you up; you will be billed this amount after your arrival; please note that taxi service would cost much more and may not be reliable; the airport pick-up charge is non-refundable unless you cancel at least 4 hours prior to your original arrival time): 
  • Tuition (one 8-week term): $1,550.00
  • Administrative Fee (one 8-week term): $150.00
  • Technology Fee (one 8-week term): $15.00
  • Institutional TOEFL Placement Test (one-time fee upon enrollment; students are required to take a placement test regardless of any past TOEFL scores - any additional tests including an exit test are charged when taken): $30.00
  • Books (approximate cost per 8-week term): $350.00

University Fees:

  • Campus Wellness Center Fee (per semester): $36.00
  • Student Identification Card (one-time fee): $20.00
  • Health Insurance Insurance (health insurance is mandatory for international students; you can purchase health insurance in your country and bring proof of coverage, or you can purchase it after you arrive (approximate cost per one 8-week term varies depending on plan and age): $78.00 - $206

Housing and Meal Plans: 

Housing/Food Services (campus housing and all access meal plan is required for students
who are under 21; requirement can be waived for students who have junior status or are
living off-campus with spouse).

  • Deposit for Campus Housing (fee is refundable if you follow proper check-out procedures and have no damages to room): $150.00
  • Shared Room in Residence Hall (approximate cost for one 8-week term)*: $1,413.50
  • Shared Room in Residence Hall (per 16-week semester)*: $2,827.00
  • College Court Apartment Rent – One Bedroom (per 16-week semester): $2,537.00
  • College Court Apartment Rent – Two Bedrooms (per 16-week semester): $3,077.00
  • All Access meal plan (per 16-week semester): $2,423.00 Learn more about meal plans.

*Dorm fees are based on the second lowest rate (Regents Hall and White Hall). There are other dorms with lower and higher rates. Learn more information about housing rates.

Campus housing and meals will be billed on a weekly pro-rated basis for students who stay less than the full university.

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