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Racer Academy at Murray State University

Dual credit courses are a great opportunity for students to get a taste of college and build confidence before coming to campus as a freshman. Your student can also get ahead in college work for a fraction of the cost!

At the same time, we want you to be aware of the costs and potential risks involved with not doing well in a college course while in High School. Remember, the grade your student earns will go on their college transcript and follow them to other institutions. Also, while there are scholarships available through the state of Kentucky, there still may be a cost associated with registering with dual credit.


With the help of their counselor, new students must submit their online application and transcript by:

  • May 1st for the Fall semester (August)

  • December 1st for the Spring semester (January)

They will receive an e-mail immediately after they register titled "Admission Decision." This will contain everything they need to help them get logged in for the first time! 


Registration Request forms will formally indicate your student's registration request. We will register them for the course on our end. This form is due two weeks before the start of each semester. To ensure they get their first pick of classes, it should be submitted a couple months before the semester begins. 

Cost and Billing

Racer Academy courses cost $93 per credit hour. Textbooks are required for some courses and will be an additional cost. As soon as we register your student for a course, they will be able to access their bill on the Money tab in their myGate Account.

Your student will receive a billing statement through their myGate account after we register them for their course. If they will not be receiving a Dual Credit or Work Ready Scholarship through the state, they may pay online through myGate using a check, debit, or credit card. (There is a 2.95% fee for using a credit card.) Payment, $93 a credit hour, is due immediately after a student is registered for a course.

If you have any additional questions, call the Murray State Bursar’s Office at 270.809.4227.


If your student is receiving a scholarship through the state of Kentucky, advise them to ignore their bill. It will take us several months after the beginning of the semester to receive their scholarship from the state. 

Murray State will not receive fall semester scholarships from the state of Kentucky until the end of October for Fall and April for Spring. Classes will not be deleted for nonpayment. If you have any additional questions, call the Murray State Bursar’s Office at 270.809.4227.

Dropping a Course

Depending on when your student drops a course, they may be responsible for paying a portion or all of the tuition. View Proration of Charges

FERPA and Dual Credit at Murray State

If a student is attending a postsecondary institution – at any age – the rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) have been transferred to the student. If direct discussion with Murray State is needed by a guardian, the student must complete the Consent to Release form on myGate.

Note: Under FERPA rules, Murray State is not required to release information to those who have been given consent by the student. View the information on Consent to Release Student information for more details.

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