Outstanding Community Service

Award Criteria:

Please provide detailed information below regarding your chapter's community service programs implemented during the last two semesters.

  1. Each Chapter should plan, organize, and conduct two community service projects.

  2. Each Chapter should participate in at least 2 worthwhile projects conducted by other community or campus groups.

  3. Provide any documentation or supportive information relative to the event including:

    •  a breakdown of total hands-on hours donated, hours per member donated,

    • description of the events and percentage of members that participated. 

Please submit any documentation such as newspaper clippings, thank you notes, and any other supporting materials. If provided please submit either in hard copy to the Office of Greek Life & Student Leadership Programs, located in the Center for Student Involvement on the first floor of the Curris Center or via email to msu.greeklife@murraystate.edu.You may fill out the form below or visit the Google Form page.

Previous Award Recipients:





  Pi Kappa Alpha  

  Alpha Sigma Alpha   


  Alpha Sigma Phi   

  Sigma Sigma Sigma   



  Sigma Sigma Sigma   


  Sigma Phi Epsilon   



  Sigma Phi Epsilon   

  Sigma Sigma Sigma   

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