• Pay your college tuition with an ROTC scholarship
  • Learn valuable skills that will follow you for the rest of your life.
  • Gain job placement with upward mobility.
  • Train to become a leader

Army ROTC can help you be successful during college and after. You'll quickly gain the confidence and self-discipline necessary to progress in your studies at Murray State University. You'll acquire leadership skills and credentials which will impress employers when you graduate. And you'll earn opportunities for service-to-country as an officer, full-time on active duty or part-time as you pursue your civilian career. Army ROTC can also help you pay for your Murray State University education.

While in ROTC

Once contracted, cadets will receive a monthly ROTC stipend that is tax-free in the amount of $420.00

Upon graduating from Murray State University, you will be commissioned as a second lieutenant. It is difficult to produce actual salaries because of all of the extra pay that you may be entitled to. The figures below are determined on 'base pay'.

Military Pay and Benefits (average 2016 figures)

Active Duty

Years of Service Rank Salary
4 2LT $44,881
4 1LT $55,716
4 CPT $63,444
4 MAJ $67,716

Other benefits

  • 30 days paid leave
  • Free medical and dental coverage
  • Reduced rate medical and dental for family

National Guard or Reserces

Years of Service Rank Salary
4 2LT $5,976
4 1LT $7,428
4 CPT $8,448
4 MAJ $9,024

Other benefits

  • Low cost dental
  • Reduced rate for medical is currently being discussed

An Army officer's salary is extremely competitive with his/her counterpart in the civilian work force. The salary is based upon the officer's rank and time in service. The figures depict an officer's salary range for the first years in the Army.