Military Science Instruction

General. Instruction consists of classroom work, leadership LABS, physical fitness training, and field instruction which provide a solid foundation for the junior officer's values, skills, and attributes.

Classroom Instruction. Classes focus on developing organization leadership and management techniques, individual military skills, small unit tactics, US military history, professional ethics, oral and written communications skills, military justice, and other professional knowledge subjects required for effective performance of duty as a commissioned officer.

Labs. Places students in leadership positions, teach and provide practical experience in military drill and ceremony, troop leading procedures, small unit tactical operations, and other facets of being a junior officer in the Army.

Physical Fitness Training. Physical fitness training builds physical conditioning, teamwork, and esprit de corps. Physical fitness sessions are scheduled three times per week for one hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. Training focuses on preparation for the Army Physical Fitness Test, including organized sports and swimming activities.

Field Instruction. Field training exercises reinforce classroom and leadership lab instruction by placing students in realistic tactical situations under field conditions.

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4-Year Army ROTC Program

basic course


  • MIL 101
  • MIL 102
  • MIL 100


  • MIL 201
  • MIL 202

Advance course


  • MIL 301
  • MIL 302
  • HIS 333


  • MIL 401
  • MIL 402

MIL 410 (Advanced CST) Graduate

2-Year Army ROTC Program

basic course

Completed Active Duty Basic Training
(or) Completed *MIL 210 (Basic CST)


Advance course


  • MIL 301
  • MIL 302
  • HIS 333
  • MIL 100


  • MIL 401
  • MIL 402

MIL 410 (Advanced CST) GRADUATE


Basic Course

  • Open to all students
  • No military obligation
  • Counts as an elective credit

Advanced Course

  • Must be a full time student, pursuing a Bachelor’s or Graduate degree
  • Must have at least 54 credit-hours with a 2.5 Cumulative GPA
  • Must be a U.S. citizen no older than 30 upon completion of degree (can be waived)
  • Must be of good moral character, with a strong desire to be an officer
  • Must have completed the Basic Course requirements

Military Science Classes Offered

  • MIL 100 Physical Conditioning Lab, 1 hr
  • MIL 101 Land Navigation & Army Orientation, 2 hrs
  • MIL 102 Developmental Skills, 2 hrs
  • MIL 201 Basic Leadership, 3 hrs
  • MIL 202 Team Building and Military Doctrine, 3 hrs
  • MIL 210 Military Science Practicum (CIET), 6 hrs*
  • MIL 301 Military Leadership and Management, 4 hrs
  • MIL 302 Military Leadership & Adv. Tactical Skills, 4 hrs
  • MIL 333 Military History of the United States, 3 hrs
  • MIL 401 Professional Leadership, 4 hrs
  • MIL 402 Role of the Army Officer, 4 hrs
  • MIL 410 Military Science Practicum (CLC), 6 hrs**
  • MIL 490 Military Leadership Seminar, 1-5 hrs

* (CIET) 30 days at Fort Knox, KY; offered in summer only

** (CLC) 30 days at Fort Knox, KY; offered in summer only

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