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Course orientation module

The first week of your course will either build a good rapport between you and your students or give them a negative impression that will be hard to change. Be prompt in opening your course on the first day of class and send out a welcome announcement. Consider doing a “get to know you” exercise at the beginning of the course. In addition, show them how to use the tools within an online course.  


Motivating students can be a challenge in a traditional classroom. What about online? There are proven strategies you can follow:

  • Make yourself and the other students in the course real! Build an online learning community from day one by using the discussion board or other types of technology for personal introductions
  • Frequent feedback
  • Tell students when they can expect to hear from you
  • Present a well-organized course with clear expectations
  • Provide opportunities for success early in the course
  • Provide students a way to find the material personally meaningful
  • Create an open and positive environment

How does Murray State support online learners? 

We recognize that students need help with being successful online learners. We have created a website to help them get started. Online students are supported by Murray State in the following ways:

  • Online learners who are transfer students are asked to take an online orientation and pass a quiz.
  • Students are sent an automatic e-mail upon registering for an online course introducing them to online learning and giving them information on getting started with their class.

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