Course Development

Bringing your course online may seem like a daunting task. There is certainly a learning curve associated with learning new technology and organizing your course in a way that is suitable for online instruction. Let us help you break it down!

Scheduling and stipends

Using canvas 

Bringing your course online 

Online course implementation check lists

Scheduling and stipends

If your course already exists in the course bulletin as a face-to-face course,  ask your department to add the course to the schedule as a WEB course. If you are developing a brand new online course, it will need to go through Academic Council. Instructors who bring a course online are eligible to receive a development stipend. Payment information for those teaching as part of their overload or as and adjunct can be found on the Provost's website for instructors

Using Canvas

Canvas is Murray State University's Learning Management system. Additional learning platforms that ensure authentication of students may be used. Grades should be kept exclusively in Canvas. 

Canvas Commons is a repository that allows instructors to export and import quizzes, assignments, modules and courses. This feature is now embedded into your Canvas panel on the left side of the interface. See the below screenshot for where to locate the Canvas Commons icon and the interface that will appear after you click on it. Whenever colleagues want to see an example of something you have in your online courses, you simply can share the item to Commons. If you need ideas, you now can search for them in Commons. It is easy to use.

toolkit screenshot of Canvas

Want to meet one-on-one?

Remember, the Faculty Development Centeris always available to sit down with you as you set up your online course. You can also contact one of your colleagues in the Online Champions group. We are here to help! 

Bringing your course online

The design of your course can impact the online learning experience for both you and your students. Students need a well organized, structured course. Thoughtful and intentional planning are important when bringing your course online.

Plan your online course

  • Ensure you are comfortable using Canvas. (Need help? Call the Faculty Development Center at 270.809.4595 or reach out to an Online Champion in your college.) 

  • Identify fellow online teachers and support resources.

  • Build the initial structure for your online course. Gather your lessons and assignments and start organizing your due dates.

  • Keep it simple at the beginning! You can always add content as you go.

Organizing your content in Canvas

  • Consider uploading an introductory module to introduce students to online learning. More information on uploading a pre-created Canvas course from your college can be found on our Online Champion faculty websites.

  • Look at the ease of your navigation.

Content and pedagogy considerations

  • Add opportunities for you to interact with the students and for students to interact with each other.

  • Add media and other content. Consider the learning styles of students.

  • Consider contacting your subject librarian for resources to use in your online course.

Before publishing your course

  • Step back and assess your course in the Student View.

  • Ask a colleague to review your course or contact the Faculty Development Center for a consultation. Sometimes being so involved in developing your course can make you blind to issues that could confuse your students!

Online course implementation checklists

Would you like  faculty members of the Online Champions group or the Faculty Development Center to review your course? E-mail for more information. 

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