Curriculum Map

BS of Social Work Curriculum Map

General Education requirements should be completed in first 4 semesters.
Students should follow this map as closely as possible and consult with their assigned academic advisor for specific guidance and course availability.  Conditional admissions students must complete all conditions within the first two semesters of college work.

First Semester [Fall Semester] [16-17 hours]                                                           
SWK 099 [required of all entering Freshmen with fewer than 30 hours]
ENG appropriate to ACT scores
ACT score 14 or below ENG 095
ACT 15-17   ENG 100
ENG 105 (GE) must also have ACT Reading Score of at least 20 or successful completion of both REA 100 and 120
COM 161 (GE)
Math appropriate to ACT scores
ACT score 15 or below MAT 095
ACT score 16-18   MAT 096
ACT score 19 MAT 097
ACT Score 20 or above STA 135 [MAT 117 may not be used as pre req for STA 135]
SOC 133* (GE, Req.)
POL 140 (GE, Req.)

Second Semester
[15-16 hours]
Math [Mat 135] or appropriate math if needed
ENG 105 if needed
Global Awareness Cultural Diversity (GE) One course from category
Psych 180 (GE, Req.)
Eco 140 (GE) or AGR 130  (not GE)
BIO 101 with Lab (4 hours) or another science with lab  [any bio is required for social work degree]

Third Semester
  [15 hours]
CIV 202 (GE)
HUM 211 (GE)
CSC 199 (GE)
Mat if needed or second science to complete gen. ed. category
Co-Requirement for Social Work Program  Class
Any missing Gen Ed. Class (SOC 231)

Fourth Semester
[18 hours] – Students now begin lower division SWK courses
SWK 101
SWK 201
SWK 302 [or 301] *application for admission to SWK occurs in this class
SWK 225
Any missing gen. ed. or corequisite class
Co requirement class or if completed Free elective [may be a social work elective]

Social Work Upper Level Major Only Curriculum

Fifth Semester
[15 hours]
SWK 301 [or 302]
SWK 310 *first of practice courses MUST be taken before 312, 313
SWK 311
Other core SWK class
SWK [elective from approved category]

Sixth Semester
[15 hours]
SWK 350
SWK 312 or SWK 313** may be taken in either order, just not in the same semester
SWK 385 (as available fall or spring)
SWK Elective from approved category
SWK Elective

Seventh Semester
[15 hours]
SWK 312 or SWK 313
SWK 303
SWK 498** must be taken last semester before internship
SWK Elective
SWK Elective

Eighth Semester
  [12 hours]
SWK 499 Internship 12 hours
*No other classes may taken during internship.  All university course work except for SWK 499 must be completed and certified by the registrar’s office before a student may register for SWK 499.


                                                        Updated 9/28/16