CSWE Accreditation

CSWE Student Assessment

Graduating seniors in May, August, and December were assessed by the field educators at the end of the internship. The results of the assessment were discussed with both the field director and the student. All students achieved a grade of at least three (beginning worker level) on the field (summary) assessment instrument. The field summative instrument covers all nine outcomes and all practice behaviors specified in the CSWE Accreditation Standards. The knowledge assessment covers a knowledge test related to all nine competencies. Assessment results may be viewed at the following links.

Baccalaureate Social Work Program
Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
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No student is allowed to complete the field internship who does not reach the level of beginning worker on the outcome assessment since the primary purpose of the BSW program at Murray State University is to produce generalist practitioners who are prepared to work as BSW-level social workers.