Parking Citations

Parking citations are issued via email. If you receive a citation, the email will include the type of violation, location, date, time and photos of your vehicle during the violation. Emails will also include instructions for paying and appealing the citation.

If you do not understand why you received a citation, contact Parking Services at or call 270.809.4812.


  • Fines: A fine is applied to your account when you receive a citation. The amount is dependent on the violation and can range from $15 to $250.

  • Booting and Towing: When an individual has accumulated $150 or more in unpaid fines, they are eligible for a vehicle boot. If citations further accumulate, they are eligible for a vehicle tow. A vehicle may also be towed if it’s blocking access or other reasons as outlined in the Murray State Parking Regulations.

  • Revocation of Parking Privileges: When an individual consistently does not adhere to the parking regulations, they may have their parking privileges revoked. This means that they will lose the right to park on Murray State University’s campus.

  • Collections: When citations remain unpaid in an account, they may be assigned to collections as determined by the Murray State University Bursar’s office.

Payment options for Students, Faculty and Staff

  • Pay:

    • Citations are payable through your NuPark parking portal and through your eBill on myGate.

  • Appeal:

    • All citations can be appealed within 5 school days of the date it was issued.

    • The Murray State Judicial Board will rule on the appeal and their decision is final.

    • Appeals should be limited to circumstances where the citation was issued in error.

  • Pay It Forward:

    • This program benefits the Racers Helping Racers food pantry. Individuals may bring specific non-perishable food items to the parking office in order to have one eligible citation waived. This can be done within 30 days of receipt of an eligible citation, and can only be done once per semester. View the Pay It Forward Item List 

    • Donations will not be accepted if the citation as been through the appeals process. Appealed citations are not eligible for the Pay It Forward program.

    • The citations eligible for Pay It Forward are as follows: Non-Registration of Vehicle, Loading/striped/yellow curb/ grass/ grounds, Parking in drive/obstructing traffic/ sidewalks/ crosswalks, Wrong zone, Beyond Time Limit, Improper Parking (back in / pull thru), Parking against the flow of traffic.

    • Contact Parking Services for a list of items being accepted for the food pantry.

Payment options for Vendor/Contractors/Non-Murray State Agency

  • Pay online through the NuPark parking portal

  • Pay by check. Checks are accepted in the office located at 101 Police Building. Checks can be mailed to Murray State University, Parking Services, 101 Police Building, Murray, KY 42071.

Types of Citations

Violation Fine Details
Wrong Zone $15 Vehicle parking in the incorrect zone. There is a map with all the color zones available in the parking office and online. At the entrance to each lot are signs showing what color permits are eligible to park there *Eligible for Pay It Forward
Beyond Time Limit $15 Vehicle parked in time-limit space for longer than limit allows. Example: a vehicle parked in a fifteen minute space parked for twenty minutes would receive this citation. Parking in these spaces for longer than is allowed prevents others from accessing services across campus. *Eligible for Pay It Forward
Improper Parking $15 Vehicle improperly parked on campus by pulling through or backing into a space. The rear license plate must be visible from the drive and the license plate must not be impaired or blocked in any manner. *Eligible for Pay It Forward
Parked Against the Flow of Traffic $15 Vehicle parked in a parallel space against the flow of traffic. Vehicles must be parked with the flow of traffic, which means the passenger-side tires must be against the curb. *Eligible for Pay It Forward 
License Plate Error $50 License plate of vehicle parked on campus was improperly entered or displayed. At Murray State, your license plate is your permit, so it is important to enter it correctly. Some common entry mistakes: not including the proper state, or stacked letters at the end of the plate. This violation may also occur if view of the license plate is obstructed in any way. *Eligible for Pay It Forward
Parking in Drive/ Obstructing Traffic/ Sidewalk/ Crosswalks $80 Vehicle is parked in a way that obstructs either vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Vehicles cannot park in the drive, on sidewalks, or on crosswalks. Parking in these locations, even with flashers on, prevents others from safely traveling through campus. *Eligible for Pay It Forward
Loading/ Striped/ Yellow Curb/ Grass/ Grounds $80 Vehicle is not parked in a valid space. The grass areas around lots, grounds, striped areas, loading zones (without permission), and yellow curbs are not acceptable places to park. *Eligible for Pay It Forward
Non-Visitor in Visitor Zone $90 Vehicle belonging to an individual with a relationship to the university (student, faculty, staff, vendor/contractor, etc.) parks in a space reserved for visitors. A visitor has no relationship to the university, so there’s no situation where a student or employee would be eligible to park in these spaces.
Non-Registration of Vehicle $100 Vehicle parked on campus with no valid permit. Registration is required for all vehicles parking on campus. *Eligible for Pay It Forward
False Registration $100 Individuals share a permit. Every person driving to campus must have their own parking permit.
Restricted/ Reserved/ Barricade/ Construction Zone $100 Vehicle is parked in a space reserved for specific purposes. This can include service vehicle spaces, college head/resident director spaces, and other clearly marked spaces. Parking in these spaces blocks access to university buildings in an emergency.
Fire Lane $100 Vehicle parked in fire lane. Parking in fire lanes, even with flashers, prevents first responders from having access to campus buildings in an emergency.
Disability/ Blocking Access $250 Vehicle parked in a disability space without permission from IDEA, SDS, and/or Parking Services. Parking in these spaces, even with flashers, prevents individuals from having necessary accessible parking.

Booted/Towed Vehicles

Vehicles may be towed immediately for the following:

  • Impeding traffic flow

  • Blocking a legally parked vehicle

  • Double parking

  • Parking in or blocking a fire lane or fire hydrant

  • Abandoned vehicle

  • Hazardous condition (leaking gas, transmission fluid, anti-freeze or oil)

  • Parking or blocking a drive

  • Parking or blocking a loading zone or dock

  • Parking or blocking restricted areas, sidewalks, median, grass, yellow curbs, striped areas

  • False registration or failure to register a vehicle

  • Multiple registration violations and/or failure to comply with Murray State regulations or

  • Failure to comply, complete, or default on a Boot/Tow agreement.

Chronic Offenders

Permit holders and non-permit holders who park any vehicle on university property and accumulate $150 or more unpaid citations within a continuous 12-month period, regardless of whether the citations have been appealed, will be considered a Chronic Offender of the university’s parking regulations and will receive a warning of immobilization. In addition, if an email is provided, an email warning will be sent to the offender.

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