Parking Maps, Zones and Regulations

Parking Maps and Zones

Parking on campus is regulated by zones. Zone signs are located at the entrance of every lot.

  • Blue Zone: Faculty/Staff

  • Yellow Zone: Residents living in North Residential College Complex and College Courts

  • Red Zone: Commuters & Regents/White

  • Economy/Purple Zone: Valid in Stewart Stadium (large lot), Hamilton Field, Hamilton North, Sorority Suites and West Farm. Available to any faculty, staff or student.

View our Interactive Parking Map

Changes to parking zones may not be reflected immediately on maps. Always check the parking zone signs at the entrance of each lot for specific directions.

Proper Parking

  • Your license plate must be visible at all times. Your license plate is your permit to park on campus. 

  • Vehicles are prohibited from backing in or pulling through spaces. Your rear license plate must face the drive. Even if your state requires a front license plate, you are still prohibited from backing in or pulling through spaces.

  • Park with the flow of traffic in parallel lots to allow other vehicles to safely pull out of their spaces. To park with the flow, make sure the curb is against the passenger side of your vehicle.

  • Park between two lines. Your vehicle cannot straddle the line between two spaces.

  • Inability to find a parking space does not excuse illegal parking. An absence of marked parking spaces means no parking.

  • Leaving your hazards or flashers on does not exempt you from parking citations. Contact Parking Services to arrange a loading zone V-Permit if you need to actively load or unload your vehicle.

Time Limit and Seasonal Exceptions

  • Individuals must have a valid V-Permit in order to take advantage of any parking exceptions.

  • Students may park in Blue zones south of Chestnut Street after 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and all day on weekends.

  • Parking is allowed at the Curris Center from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. for all 1 hour spaces, blue/red zones and visitor spaces with a valid V-Permit.

  • Any color V-Permit (including purple) may park in CFSB C Lot to access the Wellness Center from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday unless there is a Murray State athletic or special event.

  • Students with a valid V-Permit may park in any color zone except blue, restricted, loading zone and disability accessible parking during summer sessions.

Parking Regulations

Download the Parking Regulations

Murray State University’s parking regulations are intended to educate people about parking on the Murray State campus. Parking Enforcement officers not only write tickets, they help people find their way around campus. Enforcement of regulations is to promote your safety. The temporary convenience of illegal parking is rarely worth the hassle and expense of a citation, boot, or towing. Parking Services recommends that students, faculty, staff, and visitors observe these regulations as a courtesy to everyone. Please remember that parking regulations are in effect year around, including semester breaks. The enforcement regulations apply to all persons operating motor vehicles on Murray State University campus. It is your responsibility to read and fully understand these regulations. Not knowing the regulations is not considered a valid reason for appeal.

Murray State University reserves the right to change any parking regulation. Normally, changes in the regulations will be announced through proper university communications channels. Any questions regarding parking regulations should be addressed to the Parking Office on campus.

Parking regulations are enforced 24-hours daily.

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