Policies, Handbook and Student Conduct

This file comprises the official Murray State University Student Handbook. Subject to change without notice.

Student Life Handbook

Student Disciplinary Rules and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

A printed copy maybe picked up from the Office of Student Affairs in Wells Hall.

Student Conduct

Murray State University is dedicated to the traditional academic pursuits of instruction, scholarship and public service. The University assigns first priority to excellence in education. Further, the University values a humane, safe, and supportive environment to aid students in their pursuit of knowledge. Therefore, the President, under the authority of the Board of Regents, has approved a code of behavior to govern student conduct while enrolled at Murray State.

HB 290 - Student Discipline Report

Social media

For more information about the Acceptable Use Policy with regard to social media or other electronic usages, please contact Brian Purcell (rpurcell@murraystate.edu), Chief Information Officer at the University. Connected to our conversation today, please find a tool we globally use in connections with questions about content removal, reporting social media platform abuse, or just industry-standard suggestions for responsible use.

When a member of the University community is having experiences on a social media platform that is unwelcome or attacking via post or image, we can appreciate the desire to remove the post(s)/image(s).  

As you know, Murray State University hosts its official social media platforms and maintains rules for the posts and images which appear on those various platforms in that the university reserves the right to delete user comments that promote commercial ventures or that do not comply with other University (or platform) policies. Posts that are off-topic, abusive, contain profanity, are threatening in tone, or devolve into personal attacks are subject to deletion. Murray State University does not have the authority to filter or moderate social media pages other than the official Murray State University social media platforms. To pursue the removal of unwanted postings/images, the following steps may be taken:

  1. Before you begin deleting and/or blocking/unfriending the social media post(s)/image(s), you may want to screen capture/capture how the unwanted content currently appears on your social media platform (including any names, dates, etc. information). Use this information to report to social media sites and internet service providers. 
  2. Contact/navigate to the information page for the particular social media platform to get information regarding how to request removal of the image(s)/post(s). Certain posts/images may violate the terms of service established by social media sites and internet service providers.
  • Review their terms and conditions or rights and responsibilities sections that describe content that is or is not appropriate.
  • Visit social media safety centers to learn how to block users and change settings to control who can contact you. 

Other Cyber tips as offered by the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative

Social Media and Identity Theft 

Reporting to Platforms - Social Media Abuse or Offensive Content

If at any point the posts/images threaten bodily harm, please contact your local policing agency (if off-campus) or University Police (if on campus).

Additionally, processing such written comments/images on social media platforms can be tough. Please know that for employees, the University offers its EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and for students, they have access to University Counseling and/or the MSU Psychological Center to provide assistance.

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