Calendar Guidelines

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Calendar Guidelines

The Murray State University events calendar is the centralized hub for all University sanctioned events.

All submitted events must be affiliated with a Murray State University entity, including, but not limited to student organizations, residential colleges, academic colleges, departments of student affairs and University athletic teams.

The department of Branding, Marketing and Communication (BMC) will be responsible for approving or declining all events within 24 hours of submission, during the workweek. Events submitted over the weekend or during university closures may not be approved within 24 hours.

The BMC staff recommends submitting events at least 3 weeks in advance. Events submitted to the calendar will be reviewed by the BMC staff and will have priority for other publicity including inclusion on official social media channels, Racer Nation Information, MSU Blue & Gold.

Events may be declined for the following reasons:

  • Not associated with an email address

  • Has no relevant association with a Murray State University entity.

  • Not a public event

If your submitted event has been declined, you may request further information from the BMC staff.

Submit an event

Go to the University event calendar and click "Submit Event" or use the link below.

Submit an event

You cannot submit photos or images with your event. If you would like to include photos or images, email images and the date and title of your event to and they will be added after your event is approved.

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