Accelerated Graduate Programs

The Accelerated BA/BS + MA/MS 4+1 Organizational Communication Program gives qualified students the opportunity to advance their education by earning up to 12 hours of their graduate degree in their last year of undergraduate classes. If accepted, students in this program may be able to complete their graduate degree with just one additional year of classes after graduation.

Requirements for Admission

In order to qualify, students majoring in organizational communication need to have:

  1. 3.0 Cumulative GPA
  2. 3.25 Cumulative GPA in Organizational Communication courses
  3. Completed 4 Organizational Communication courses at the 300-400 level by the end of their third year
  4. Recommendations from at least 2 faculty members.


If accepted, students in the Accelerated Organizational Communication Program will be allowed to choose up to four of the following courses for substitution during their last 30 hours of undergraduate coursework. The graduate courses taken successfully will replace the corresponding undergraduate courses.

Courses available for substitution for admitted students are as follows:

  • COM 690 Research Methods in Organizational Communication for COM 390 Communication Research
  • COM 680 Advanced Organizational Communication for COM 580 Advanced Organizational Communication
  • COM 622 Communication Technology in Organizations for COM 422 Communication and Technology
  • COM 639 Seminar in Conflict Resolution for COM 439 Conflict and Communication
  • COM 685 Seminar in Organizational Communication for COM 401 Contemporary Issues in Communication


For more information about the Accelerated Organizational Communication Program, please contact Dr. Frances Smith, Graduate Director.

Dr. Frances Smith

Graduate Program Director
Department of Organizational Communication and Leadership

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