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The Nonprofit Resource Center (NRC) was established in early 2020 within NLS Program, to help strengthen nonprofit organizations across the region, by aligning emerging programs and services with needs in the field. The vast majority of nonprofit leadership academic programs include strategies for connecting the program of study to the field of practice. The primary goal is to offer a framework that applies current capacities, illustrates potential opportunities, and promotes excitement and creativity for the future. The “build it as we ride it” notion is incorporated by delivering essential activities while designing new programs and services for the ever-changing field.

It is built on over a decade of successful collaboration with nonprofit organizations. These partnerships include local and state associations and foundations, individual nonprofit organizations, county governments, and other MSU programs. Professional networks serve as resources in recruiting additional expertise in key content areas. The activities included:

  • day-long and multi-day workshops,

  • individual organization trainings, and

  • consultancies with key leaders.

These efforts frequently lead to ongoing coaching exchanges as work unfolds. Coaching often creates mentoring relationships that connect the key resource persons to organizations over time. The topics included every aspect of the NLS curriculum, including:

  • strategic planning,

  • board development,

  • fund raising,

  • grant writing,

  • evaluation and accountability,

  • marketing and promotion, and

  • advocacy, among others.

It is upon these foundational efforts and relationships that the NRC continues to be built.

Current programs

  • nonprofit education outreach programs,

  • community leadership development certification program, and

  • recognition of quality practice in philanthropy celebrations.

Emerging opportunities

Emerging new opportunities are in development, including

  • an Intern Academy designed to match committed students to quality real-world experiences and development efforts to increase private support for programs and

  • services through Nonprofit Resource Funds at the Murray State University Foundation and the Community Foundation of West Kentucky.

 The NRC aspires to build new field-based, demand driven programs and services that connect student and faculty resources to the leadership and management development needs of area nonprofit organizations. The delivery systems include internships, consultancies, and credential programs. Survey results have identified leadership, governance, and funding as key areas of need across the sector. There is expressed interest in supporting and promoting social innovation, impact evaluation, and research. It is upon these opportunities that the future of the NRC is based.

A qualified pool resource people, serving as Professional Practice Fellows, is being recruited to support the ongoing delivery of programs and services of the NRC. The pool will include nonprofit sector leaders, senior community partners, and NLS faculty members. Each will be presented with a detailed profile reflecting the experience, areas of specialization, and principles of practice that guide them. Once appointed, the list will be added along with the areas of expertise and process for making contact and/or applying for engagement.

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