"Inspire, empower, and leadership are three words that come to mind when I think of the MSU Nonprofit Leadership Studies Program. As a past student of the NLS department, I was given the tools, guidance, and real-life experiences to take on a career in the Nonprofit sector that allows me to be vulnerable with those whom I work with and become successful in my outreach and tasks. Nonprofits are the epitome of helping communities; however, a person has to have the knowledge and support team to endure some of the toughest roles that may lay ahead of them. The NLS program truly provides all students with the knowledge and opportunities before they walk across the graduation stage. For this I am forever thankful for the NLS professors that have positively shaped my leadership and continue to support my path even as of today."

Ashley Dumas2016, B.S. Nonprofit Leadership Studies Major


"Murray State University’s Nonprofit Leadership Studies (NLS) program solidified my desire to serve others with a career in the nonprofit sector. Through hands-on grantmaking experiences, nonprofit site visits throughout the Murray-Calloway County service area, investigative studies on not-for-profit laws and practices, rewarding volunteering opportunities, and continuous community engagement initiatives, the NLS faculty prepared me for life beyond college. As a graduate of the program, I know I have an ongoing resource in both NLS faculty and NLS alumni. Pairing my Organizational Communication major with a Nonprofit Leadership Studies minor additionally strengthened my self-confidence and readiness to enter the nonprofit career field. Knowing I have support and encouragement from both programs of study, that has continued beyond graduation, demonstrates the character of the Organizational Communication and Leadership department. By studying in the NLS program, and taking advantage of the program’s offerings, you will be well-equipped to serve others in your own nonprofit career."

Gavin Posey2020, B.S. Organizational Communication major and Nonprofit Leadership Minor

"Murray State has been a part of my educational journey for many years and the experiences I gained while pursuing my degrees there have made me the professional I am today. Dan Pallotta, a nonprofit advocate and humanitarian activist, said, "Philanthropy is the market for love" and I couldn't agree more. Working in the philanthropic sector is the most rewarding, most challenging, and most encouraging thing I have ever done - I could not imagine another, better career path for myself. To be a nonprofit fundraising professional amongst people who strive to make a difference in the lives of others every single day is humbling. Were it not for my time at Murray State, I would not be working alongside these people today. Murray State has been a part of my educational journey for many years and the experiences I gained while pursuing my degrees there have made me the professional I am today. I received my undergraduate degree from the Finest Place We Know and, after moving away to work in higher education fundraising for a number of years, I decided to pursue my master's degree. I knew I could trust the program director and distinguished faculty at Murray State with the next step in my education and thus, my career. I continued to work full-time while taking classes so having flexibility in course offerings was important for me. Now that I have completed my postgraduate degree, I know my hard work, education, and the mentoring relationships I have cultivated through Murray State will continue to propel me forward for years to come.”

Lucy Love2019, B.A. Emphasis in International Affairs, Journalism, and Multicultural Class and Gender Studies and Nonprofit Leadership Studies Minor

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