Certificate in Community-Based Art Education

Community-Based Art Education Certificate

CIP 13.1302

The Community-Based Art Education Certificate is designed for students who are interested in teaching in non-school settings or for students who would like to learn more about education before committing to the art/teaching certification track. Based on the student’s body of artwork, teaching experience, and other skills, this certificate could help him or her stand out when applying for a teaching position in a museum, community center or alternative learning space.

A grade of C or better is required in all courses to receive the certificate.

Total Course Requirements (15 hrs)

  • ART 101 Drawing I: Introduction to Drawing
  • ART 341 Inclusive Art Education for Diverse Learners
  • ART 343 Art Materials and Techniques for the Classroom
  • ART 344 Community-Based Art Education
  • and one course from the following:
    • ART 330 Introduction to Painting I
    • ART 360 Introduction to Sculpture
    • ART 370 Introduction to Ceramics I

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