Certificate in Game Design

CERTIFICATE  Game Design CIP 50.0102

The Certificate in Game Design program prepares students for entry-level positions in the game design industry. The curriculum covers technical areas in game programming languages, animation and illustration, computer graphics, computer science, and creative writing / story telling. Students learn about all facets of game design and development, from the beginning to the final stages of production. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to learn to create two- and three-dimensional graphics and interactive environments.

The curriculum includes coursework using industry standard hardware and software to develop a variety of gaming and pre-gaming projects.

A grade of C or better is required in all courses to receive the certificate.

Total Course Requirements..................................................15 hrs
ART 350 Introduction to Graphic Design I: Digital Art
CSC 275 Introduction to Game Programming
ENG 341 Introduction to Writing Fiction

and two electives from the following:
ART 351 Graphic Design II: Type and Image
ART 354 Illustration
ART 357 Motion Graphics
ART 362 Digital Sculpture: 3D Modeling and Printing
CSC 575 Advanced Game Programming

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