Liberal Arts

How does the multidisciplinary major work?

The multidisciplinary Liberal Arts major allows students to design their majors by combining three or more disciplines, study abroad and/or internship, and a self-designed senior seminar project.

Rather than pursuing one area or major, Liberal Arts students complete two 18-hour fields and a 21-hour minor. One field may be interdisciplinary.

The major is also a perfect complement to the Murray State Honors Program curriculum.

Program Requirements

  • University Studies or Honors Sequence — 44-48 hours
  • Two Fields — 18 hours each/36 hours
  • Minor — 21 hours

Study abroad, National Student Exchange, and/or internship are incorporated into each student's program. 


Advantages for Liberal Arts majors include opportunities for:

  • multidisciplinary study
  •  study abroad, internships, self-designed program and senior project
  • development of critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills, across disciplines
  • career and professional flexibility.
Employers and graduate school admissions officials value multidisciplinary Liberal Arts majors for:
  • initiative
  • self-reliance
  • broad-based academic background
  • versatility.

Career Options

Multidisciplinary Liberal Arts graduates work as

  • City Manager
  • Doctor
  • English Teacher Abroad
  • Forensic Scientist (Pathologist Assistant)
  • Graphic Designer
  • Lawyer
  • Library Media Specialist (Librarian)
  • Public Health Administrator
  • Photographer
  • Science Writer
  • Study Abroad Coordinator
  • University Residence Coordinator
  • and many more

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