Scholarships through the Murray State Scholarship Office

New and continuing students in the Biology Department apply for scholarships through one application made on the Murray State Scholarship Office website. Students will automatically be considered for any scholarships for which they qualify. The Department of Biology has a number of scholarships that are given out to students in specific fields such as Pre-medical, Pre-dental, Wildlife and Conservation or Aquatics students, as well as scholarships that can be granted to any student in the Biological Sciences. Our students receive > $50,000 in scholarships each year from the Scholarships listed below.

We greatly appreciate the contributions to scholarship funds that make these scholarships possible. If you would like to contribute to these funds to help our students succeed, please make a donation to the specific fund at this link.

  • Charles G. Smith Future Physician's Scholarship — Student specialization: Pre-medical
  • Charles Leroy & Kate Eldridge Scholarship — Student specialization: Biology and Agriculture
  • Clark Conrad — Student specialization: Biology
  • Connie Crittenden Lowry Pre-Medical Scholarship — Student specialization:
  • Dr. Jonathan Nicholas Terhune Memorial Scholarship — Student specialization: Biology
  • Dr. Liza Spann Scholarship — Student specialization: Biology
  • Dr. Morgan Emery Sisk, Jr. Alumni Scholarship — Student specialization: Aquatics
  • Dr. Stephen B. White Wildlife Biology Scholarship — Student specialization: Wildlife and Conservation Biology
  • Dr. Thomas Timmons Scholarship — Student specialization: Student research projects
  • Dr. WJ and Martha Pitman Endowed Scholarship — Student specialization: Biology and Chemistry
  • Emily and Alfred Wolfson Scholarship — Student specialization: Biology
  • Hal E. Houston Endowed Fund for Excellence in Biomedical Science — Student specialization: Pre-medical internships
  • Hugh Houston — Student specialization: Biomedical sciences
  • Jesse & Deborah Jones Scholarship — Student specialization: Sciences
  • Larry D. Pharris Memorial Wildlife Biology Fund — Student specialization: Wildlife and Conservation Biology
  • Murray Calloway County Scholarships — Student specialization: Pre-Health Professionals
  • Thomas N. and Marjorie J. Weems Scholarship — Student specialization: Pre-medical and pre-dental
  • Three River Coon Hunters — Student specialization: Wildlife and Conservation Biology
  • Ken Maddox Renewable Scholarship* — Student specialization: Herpetology
  • Wayne T Harrell Memorial Alumni Scholarship* — Student specialization: Pre-medical
  • Ann Ross Evans Biology Scholarship* — Student specialization: Biology
  • Ashbrook Endowed Scholarship* — Student specialization: Biology
  • Jane Henry* — Student specialization: Biology/Chemistry/Physics
  • Jeanne and Roy English* — Student specialization: Biology/Chemistry/Nursing
  • Brian Ray Smith* — Student specialization: Biology

*These funds are not yet endowed. Help support our students by donating.

Other Scholarship Opportunities through Murray State Biology

Some scholarships do not go through Scholarship Office; instead there is a separate application for each of them:

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