Executive Director Update Spring 2024

Executive Director Update Spring 2024

By Kala Allen-Dunn | Mar 1, 2024

Dr. Jessica Naber and Dr. Warren Edminster

Dr. Jessica Naber will succeed Dr. Warren Edminster as the new Executive Director of the Honors College. We thank Dr. Edminster for his years of excellent leadership, and we welcome Dr. Naber into her new role with our Honors community!

This is my final update as the Honors Director; after 16 delightful years in this role, I am handing it over to a new director and returning to full-time teaching in English and Philosophy. And the exciting part is that the next Executive Director of the Honors College will be Dr. Jessica Naber! Many of you know Jessica, as she received the MSU Honors Diploma in 2002; since returning to Murray, she has served over a decade on the Honors Committee, advised scores of Honors theses, and was the president of the Honors College Alumni Advisory Board 2022-23. I am elated that Jessica will be the next director, and extremely grateful for the wonderful years I was privileged to do it. Also, I’m scheduled to teach two Honors seminars in the fall, so I hope to remain involved in other ways in Honors for many years to come.

Other than that, we’ve had a great year so far, with trips, lectures, and social events, and several successful Tri-Lambda intramural teams (the women’s teams also use Tri Lambda as a team name now; RIP Omega Mu). We are in final stages of organizing an international student dinner on Tuesday March 5th, with students from Mexico, Nepal, and Italy preparing dishes, and we’re taking a large group up to Illinois for the full solar eclipse in April. We have a record number of Honors applicants for this time of year, which won’t necessarily translate into a record incoming class, but is certainly a good sign for the continuing appeal of the Honors College community.


Warren Edminster, PhD
Executive Director, Honors College

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