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By Kala Allen-Dunn | Sep 1, 2023

Help students with your gift to the Honor Roll.

Your monthly gift changes lives! Join the Honor Roll today to support the next generation of Honors College students.

As the fall semester begins, campus is buzzing with excitement! Our returning students are preparing for another rewarding year of challenging coursework and extracurricular activities, and our first-year students are looking forward to the new friendships they will build over the coming year. What do all of these things have in common? They are made possible through the generosity of Honors College alumni like you!

You made wonderful memories during your time in the Honors College, and now it's your turn to help future students do the very same thing. Join the Honor Roll, a monthly giving club that provides essential support for Honors College activities and students through automatic debit or credit card payments. It's as easy as paying for your favorite streaming service, but it makes a much bigger difference for the world around you. Here are some ways your gift can help:

$5 per month pays for a student to go on the fall regional trip. What next? Real-world learning ensues!
$10 per month covers a student's Education Abroad application fee. And then? The trip changes their outlook on life.
$25 per month provides a social event for the entire college. After that? An Honors College romance blooms!

Choose to give at one of these levels, or get creative and make it your own! A $3.14 monthly donation from a math major? A $15.64 monthly donation from a die-hard Shakespearean? A $19.22 monthly donation from the truest of Racer fans? The choice is yours! 

Honor Roll participants will receive recognition in our digital newsletter, but more importantly, you will know you're helping students who are in the same position you once were. Each time you visit campus or check out photos of Honors College activities on social media, you'll see your gift hard at work. 

Need a hand? Call 270-809-3940 for assistance.

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