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Mar 3, 2023

Honors alumni are pictured at a recent Louisville event.

Honors College alumni recently enjoyed spending time together in Louisville reminiscing about their college experiences. You can help organize an Honors alumni event in your area.

In the age of a worldwide loneliness epidemic, there is nothing more important than nurturing our connections with each other. And there’s no joy quite like that of getting together with old friends, especially when those old friends are your fellow Honors College alumni.


Our recent Honors meetup in Louisville allowed Honors graduates of all ages to reconnect, tell stories, and catch up on the fascinating twists and turns of life after college. Perhaps you were able to attend, or maybe not, but in either case you can help put together an alumni event of your own! Keep reading for tips on creating a successful meetup.


Step 1: Get in touch with the Honors College. We’d love to help you plan your event! If you live in a city that’s a drivable distance from Murray, our staff will try to attend your meetup if possible. And no matter what, we can offer some help in publicizing your event to other alumni in the area via email and social media.


Step 2: Choose a location and date. You’ll want to pick a venue that is welcoming to all. Consider factors such as the cost of the activity and the accessibility of the space. Good possibilities might include mid-price restaurants, bowling alleys, breweries with nonalcoholic options, arcades, etc. If there is a charge to reserve a room, make sure it’s something within your budget and that the space is available on the date you’re hosting the event. When picking your date, avoid scheduling against other well-attended events in your community so your guests won’t be as likely to have conflicts.


Step 3: Spread the word. The Honors College can help with this, but your best chance of getting a good crowd is talking to your fellow Honors alumni. A personal invitation means a lot. If you have some HC friends living in your area, call them up! Make sure to include information about the location, date, time, expected cost, how to RSVP, and whether guests are invited.


Step 4: Have fun! Enjoy reconnecting with friends old and new. If you have a Shield yearbook or a photo album from your time in college, take it with you to help spark conversations. Bring business cards or contact information to share, and once your event is over, make sure to keep those connections strong by staying in touch.


Lastly, encourage your guests to reach out to the Honors College directly. We love hearing what’s going on in your lives, and we appreciate all the ways you give back to make a difference in the educational journeys of our current Honors students.


Contact the Honors College to discuss your alumni meetup idea by calling (270) 809-3166. Learn more about giving to the Honors College and joining the Honor Roll by calling the Office of Development at (270) 809-3940. We look forward to hearing from you!

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