Hutson School of Agriculture Faculty and Staff

Dr. Tony Brannon, Dean

Office of the Dean
Ms. Kim Hill, Accounts Control Clerk
Ms. Christy Watkins, Recruitment Coordinator

Department of Agricultural Science
Dr. Brian Parr, Assistant Dean/Department Head
Dr. Kimberly Bellah, Agriculture Education
Mr. David Black, Coordinator of RACER Academy
Dr. David Ferguson, Agronomy
Dr. Iin Handayani, Agronomy
Dr. Michelle Santiago, Agribusiness Economics
Dr. Brian Hoover, Agriculture Systems Technology
Ms. Katelynn Mollett, Online BSA Coordinator
Mr. Ryan Morrow, Agriculture Science
Dr. Naveen Musunuru, Agribusiness Economics
Dr. William Payne, Agribusiness Economics
Dr. Alyx Shultz, Agriculture Science
Mr. Matt Shultz, Agriculture Education
Dr. Steven Still, Horticulture
Mr. Keith Wright, Agriculture Systems Technology
Ms. Rhea Ann Holland, Academic Services Coord.

Department of Animal and Equine Science

Dr. Shea Porr, Department Head
Dr. Amanda Davis, Animal Science
Ms. Sue Robinson, Equestrian Team/ Equine Science
Mr. J.D. Van Hooser, Rodeo Coach/ Animal Science
Mrs. Calyn Colston, Equine Science
Mrs. Alysia Conner, Equine Facilities Manager

Department of Animal Health Technology and Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Terry Canerdy, Department Head
Dr. William DeWees, Animal Health Technology
Dr. Laura K. Hoffman, Animal Health Technology
Ms. Anna Doom, Animal Health Technology
Ms. Barbie Papajeski, Animal Health Technology
Ms. Dean Ann Provine, Animal Health Technology
Ms. Felicia Jones, Animal Health Technology
Farm Complexes
Mr. Jason Robertson, Farm Manager
Ms. Dava Hayden, Pullen Farm Manager

William "Bill" Cherry Agricultural Exposition Center
Ms. Becky Ballard, Building Manager