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Youth programs provide excellent opportunities for kids and teens to experience independence, sample new activities, and develop life skills. Murray State University's office of Community Outreach can support your vision for a summer camp or other youth program in exchange for a fee. If you are interested in learning more, contact to see if we can help. We can help coordinate facilities, registration, insurance, and more! So you can focus on providing great programming. Quality experiences help children develop the skills needed to grow into strong adults. We want to support our local adult leaders in making their youth program vision happen.

  •  The first step is choosing your Program Director. This person will be MSU's point of contact for all communication regarding the program.

Program Directors are responsible for ensuring all standards in the Minors on Campus Policy are met. The following timeline is a handy guide, but is not comprehensive. These procedures must be repeated annually. Failure to meet standards outlined in the Minors on Campus Policy could result in disciplinary action.

  1. Complete the Youth Program Notification Form. Make a note whether your program is University-Run or Third-Party.
  2. Develop a system for participants to register for your program. This registration system must include emergency contact information for all minors.
  3. Obtain your background check. Third-Party Program Directors should include a national criminal history and sex offender registry search in their check. University-Run Program Directors should verify with that their background check on file is up-to-date.
  4. Complete the 3 Program Director trainings:
  1. Return the signed Minors on Campus Policies and Procedures Acknowledgement form to
  2. Recruit program staff (unpaid volunteers are subject to the same policies and standards as paid program staff). You should recruit enough staff to meet the supervision ratios listed below.
    -Minors 5 years and younger - 1 staff per 5 overnight campers or 1 staff per 6 day-only campers
    -6-8 years - 1:6 overnight or 1:8 day-only
    -9-14 years - 1:8 overnight or 1:10 day-only
    -15-18 years - 1:10 overnight or 1:12 day-only
  3. Inform staff they are subject to background check requirements. Begin obtaining background checks for your staff.
    -University-Run programs: Contact to obtain a background check for volunteers or to ensure an existing MSU employee's check is up-to-date. Contact to obtain a background check for MSU students working at your program. 
    -Third Party programs: Obtain background checks that includes a national criminal history and sex offender registry check.
  4. Inform program staff they must complete the 2 required trainings at least 14 days before the start of your program: Campus Security Authority and Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct
  5. Third-Party programs submit a Certificate of Insurance (COI) listing Murray State University as an additional insured. The COI must include program name and dates. The COI must include the following limits:
  • Bodily Injury: $1 million each occurrence, $2 million annual aggregate
  • Molestation Coverage: $1 million each occurrence
  • Property Damage: $500,000 each occurrence, $500,000 annual aggregate
  • Medical Expense: $10,000
  • Personal & Advertising Injury: $1 million (with employee exclusion deleted)
  • Automobile Liability Insurance, Combined Single Limit, Bodily Injury, Property Damage and in addition non owned and/or hired vehicles and equipment: $1 million each occurrence
  • Workers Compensation (Coverage A): Statutory limits
  1. Verify all program staff have completed the required background checks and trainings. CARE will be able to view who has completed trainings by this date.
  2. Submit your staff list (including names, numbers, and emails) to You can use this document as an example.
  3. Establish a pick-up/drop-off procedure to ensure youth are not released to any person not designated by their legal guardian.
  4. Conduct your program's staff training. Provide staff with written copies of the Behavior Expectations included in the Minors on Campus Policy. Provide staff with written copies of your program's Emergency Procedures and Communication Plan. Ensure every staff member understands their role in an emergency.
  5. Inform participants and legal guardians of your Emergency Procedures and Communication Plan. 
  1. Upon arrival, ensure each minor has submitted emergency contact information, a signed release of liability, and relevant medical information.
  2. Conduct an orientation for guests that includes: overview of program/schedule, emergency procedures, contact information for Program Director and MSU Police, Housing rules, and behavior expectations.
  1. Follow emergency procedures and notify guardians in cases of emergency.
  2. Call MSU Police 270.809.2222 to file an incident report for any injuries sustained on campus.
  3. Report suspicions or allegations of abuse, inappropriate behavior, and policy violations to the MSU Police Department or local law enforcement, Kentucky State Police, or the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.
  1. Ensure all minors depart with designated guardian.
  2. Keep the following paperwork:
  • Emergency contact information of all minors
  • Relevant medical information of all minors (for whichever is longer: 3 years from camper's age of majority or 6 years from program date)
  • Written copy of emergency procedure and communication plan
  • Third Party programs only: Certificate of Insurance
  • Third Party programs only: background checks of all staff (for three years)


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