Scholarships and Cost of Attendance for International Students

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Bachelor's Degree - Cost of Attendance

  • Tuition and Fees: $14,058
  • Housing: $5,558
  • Unlimited Meal Plan: $4,330
  • Books and Insurance : $1,232
  • Personal Expenses: $1,000
  • Total (One Academic Year): $26,178

Master's Degree  - Cost of Attendance 

  • Tuition and Fees: $419 to $808 per credit hour*
  • Housing: $4,870
  • Meals: $2,200
  • Books and Insurance : $1,232
  • Personal Expenses: $1,000
  • Total (One Academic Year) : $14,330 to $18,998** 
    *Master's degrees require 30 to 36 credit hours to complete. **Based on 15 credits per year.
    • Public Administration - $419 per credit
    • Information Systems - $538 per credit
    • Mass Communications - $538 per credit
    • Business Administration - $538 per credit
    • All other programs - $808 per credit

Doctoral Degree - Cost of Attendance

  • Tuition and Fees: $10,719**
  • Housing: $4,870
  • Meals: $2,200
  • Books and Insurance : $1,232
  • Personal Expenses: $1,000
  • Total (One Academic Year): $20,021
    **18 credit hours at $595.50 per credit hour. 

International Leadership Scholarships

$1,000 Leadership Scholarships are awarded to bachelor's and master's students who demonstrate leadership and passion for advancing inter-cultural learning at Murray State University. Apply for admission first and then complete the separate scholarship application to be considered.

Partner University Scholarships

$2,000 per year Partner University Scholarships are awarded to all admitted undergraduate students from partner universities.

Transfer Scholarships

$1,500 per year Transfer Scholarships are awarded to international students with a 3.25 or higher cumulative GPA AND at least 45 transferrable credit hours of college coursework.

Scholarships for Citizens of Belize

Citizens of Belize (excluding US dual citizens) who have studied or are currently studying at a COBEC member institution in Belize are eligible for the COBEC scholarship at Murray State University. This scholarship is awarded to students automatically without a separate scholarship application. 

Bachelor's Degree Tuition Per Year (30 credits):  $10,252 USD with $3,806 scholarship applied
Master's Degree Tuition: $419 to $615 per credit hour with scholarship applied.  Tuition cost and scholarship varies by master's degree program. Please contact us for an estimate.

Eligibility: Students who are dual citizens are not eligible to receive the scholarship. Only students who have studied or are currently studying at COBEC member institutions in Belize are eligible. Students transferring to Murray State University from other institutions outside of Belize are not eligible. Current COBEC member institutions include: San Pedro Junior College, Belize Adventist Junior College, Corozal Junior College, Centre Escolar Mexico J.C., Galen University, John Paul II Junior College, Independence Junior College, Sacred Heart Junior College, St. John’s Junior College, Stann Creek Ecumenical J.C., University of Belize, University of the West Indies, and Wesley Junior College.

Murray State University Scholarships

Murray State University Scholarships are awarded to students pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree at Murray State University. These scholarships provide a variety of academic, athletic, and service-based scholarship award opportunities to both domestic and international students. There are many different types of scholarships available. Access the scholarship application form if you are an admitted or current student.

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