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Friendly Safe Welcoming University for International StudentsMurray State University welcomes international students from around the world. The university has become a home away from home for thousands of students since it’s foundation in 1922. While Murray is known for its academics, we offer more than just a top-notch education. Take a look at what life will be like as you become a part of our community. Murray is recognized as the “Friendliest Small Town in America” according to the USA Today Newspaper. The National Safety Council recognized Murray as a community committed to the safety of its citizens and students.

International Student Organization

The International Student Organization (ISO) is a very active student organization on Murray State University campus, composed of international students from many different countries, interested in learning about other cultures. Program Goals and Purpose:

  1. ISO brings students from all countries together to share their cultural, educational, and ethnic backgrounds with one another while at the same time acting as a support network.

  2. ISO contributes to the internationalization of our campus by collaborating with many different organizations and student government to bring global awareness activities to the students, faculty, staff, and the community as a vehicle for promoting international understanding.

Indian Student Association

The Indian Student Association hosts many events on campus to promote Indian culture, food, and celebrations.

Korean Student Association

The purpose of the Murray Korean Student Association is to

  1. assist new and prospective Korean students to become acquainted with available resources at Murray State University and in the Murray, Kentucky area including housing, driver license, and bank account;

  2. establish and maintain a network of the Korean community (e.g., students, staff, and faculty) to provide social gatherings, services, and information resources as needed; and

  3. to encourage Korean students’ involvement and participation in a variety of events that are organized by Murray State University.

Saudi Student Association

The Saudi Student Association is an organization that strives to be a factor in maximizing Saudi students’ college experience in MSU by providing social activities and leadership opportunities, contributing to the preparation of tomorrow’s leaders. The organization will aim to work as a tool to help new students communicate with fellow students so everyone can share their academic, social and life experience and other services. In addition, the club will endeavor to build bridges of understanding between Saudis and MSU community, resulting in an accurate image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and broadening the horizon of participants.

Chinese Student Association

The Chinese Student Association is especially set up for Chinese students and people who like Chinese culture at Murray State University.

African Student Association

The African Student Association teaches students from across the globe about foods, traditions and cultures in Africa. To learn more, contact:

Belize Student Association

The Belize Student Organization is an organization created by Belizeans to raise awareness of the culture and life of Belize. A true Belizean Experience!

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