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As our world becomes increasingly connected, and digital exchange continues to dominate communications, cyber threats have quickly changed from an occasional nuisance into a matter of national interest.

The Murray State Cyber Education and Research Center provides education, research, development and outreach for all Murray State cyber-related programs.

A degree from Murray State can help you find the career you want from Cyber Engineer to Cybersecurity Analyst and beyond.

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Experienced faculty. Hands-on learning. 

Our faculty don't just teach, they do. Our faculty have real-world experience from working in the IT industry and bring in industry partners to give you hands-on learning opportunities.

You can take your education to the next level with opportunities for paid internships and networking through the Association of Cybersecurity and Network Management (ACNM).

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"The one thing I have heard from every employer so far, boils down to this “Wow, how do you know all that?” TSM was, and still is, probably the most well-rounded program for Information Systems that I, or anyone I’ve worked with, has heard of. ... People are continually amazed that our graduates just don’t know “about” IT, they can hit the ground running and be valuable from Day 1."

Forrest Carver '09Current career: Principal, Cyber Operations and Assessments, MITRE Corporation

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Dr. Michael Ramage

Dr. Michael Ramage

Cyber Center Director
Cyber Education and Research Center

207 Industry and Technology

About the Cyber Center at Murray State

Murray State University received funding in 1998 for a Program of Distinction in telecommunications, using resources made available through the Regional University Excellence Trust fund. Specifically, a Center for Telecommunications Systems Management (CTSM) was established through which the University is to address regional and national public and private sector needs. As technology has evolved, so has Murray State's approach to technology education. As of December 2021, the center changed its name and focus.  The Cyber Education and Research Center (Cyber Center) will provide education, research, development and outreach support for Murray State's cyber-related programs.

Recognized by the National Security Agency as a Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD)

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