Cybersecurity Scholarships

The Cyber Education and Research Center and the School of Engineering offer a variety of scholarships to both incoming and current Cybersecurity and Network Management students. The following scholarships are available:

  • Dr. Gene Wells Ray Scholarships: Full-time CNM students are eligible.

  • Dr. James Gantt Cyber National Advisory Board Scholarships: Full-time CNM students are eligible.
  • Dr. Mike and Cindy Bowman Scholarships: Full-time existing CNM students are eligible
  • Cybersecurity and Network Management Transfer Scholarships: Full time and part time transfer students are able to apply.

  • Cybersecurity and Network Management Housing Scholarships: Scholarship goes toward housing fees. Students must live on campus to receive money.

  • Computer Services Inc. Scholarships: Two scholarships are available. Students from West Kentucky can apply.

  • West Kentucky and Tennessee Telecommunications Cooperative Scholarships: Students applying must live in West Kentucky or Tennessee.

  • Wilson and Virginia Gantt Scholarships: Upper division students only.


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