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Cybersecurity Student Resources

Murray State Cyber endeavors to ensure students are provided with the support necessary to become successful graduates and cybersecurity workers. The sections below highlight the various ways students are supported through the Murray State Cyber Program.

Student Organizations

Murray State University is home to several organizations for students, including the Association of Cybersecurity and Network Management.

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The Cyber Education and Research Center and the School of Engineering offer a variety of scholarships to both incoming and current Cybersecurity and Network Management students.

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Security Resources

Cybersecurity is always changing, therefore it is important for security professionals to stay ahead of the game at all times. Links to conferences, government security centers, news organizations, standards, and more are available on the resources page.

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Cyber Competitions

Cybersecurity competitions are practical learning opportunities for students and provide an added hands-on experience beyond the labs used in CNM/CYS courses.

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Student Opportunities

A student's education extends beyond the classroom. Industry partnerships, educational conferences, internships, cooperative education experiences and more can enhance a student's education. As part of the Murray State CNM Program's requirements, each student is required to complete the CNM 488 "Cooperative Education/Internship".

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Industry Certifications

Industry certifications provide potential employers with the ability to assess the skill set of applicants based on the certificates they hold. Murray State Cyber encourages students to supplement their education with industry relevant certifications.

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