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Clock tower with 1922 on concrete

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Take a walk on our 1922 Society brick walkway in front of the Gene Wells Ray Science Campus or contact the Office of Development to find out how you can join the 1922 Society today.

Alumni Scholarship Endowment

The 1922 Society was created in 2013 as an effort to honor Murray State University’s history and to help build its future through an alumni scholarship endowment. The 1922 Society Legacy Scholarship Endowment supports Murray State University’s rich heritage and traditions by providing scholarships to students with a familial relationship to Murray State. Recipients shall be admitted and enrolled new incoming freshmen at Murray State University pursuing their first baccalaureate degrees. In addition, recipients must be full-time students at Murray State University and also must have a parent, step parent, grandparent, step grandparent, or legal guardian who holds a degree from Murray State University.

A gift of $1,922 made through the Murray State Office of Development will enroll you in the 1922 Society. Payable in annual installments up to five years, this gift also entitles you to a legacy brick placed in the 1922 Society walkway located on 16th street in front of the Gene Wells Ray Science Campus. You are also eligible for other special recognition opportunities.

Join the 1922 Society

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Learn more about the 1922 Society by calling the Murray State Office of Development today at 270.809.3001 or1-877-282-0033 or email msu.giving@murraystate.edu

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