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Faculty and staff
Periodic Table 103-108

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Faculty and staff

Rachel Allenbaugh

Rachel Allenbaugh, Assistant Professor
B.S.-Truman State University
Ph.D.-University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Research Area:  Inorganic Chemistry
Office:  1227 Jones Hall
Phone:  270-809-6699


Jeffrey Anderson

Jeffrey Anderson, Professor Emeritus
B.S.-Gustavus Adolphus College
Ph.D.-North Dakota State University

Research Area: Analytical Chemistry
Office: 452 Blackburn Science Building
Phone: 270-809-5974

Scott Brown

Scott Brown, Assistant Professor

B.S.-Western Kentucky University
Ph.D.-University of Alabama

Research Area: Organic Chemistry
Office:  1229 Jones Hall
Phone:  270-809-6626


Harry Conley

Harry Conley, Adjunct Professor
B.S.-University of Kentucky
M.S.-University of California Berkley
Ph.D.-University of Virginia



Dr. Ricky Cox

J. Ricky Cox, Professor
Anna S. Brown and Ruth B. Logan Endowed Chair in Pre-Medicine

B.S.-University of Tennessee at Martin
M.S.-Murray State University
Ph.D.-University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Research Area: Biochemistry
Office:  1240 Jones Hall
Phone:  270-809-6543


Harry Fannin

Harry B. Fannin, Professor and Chair

B.S.-Murray State University
Ph.D.-University of Cincinnati

Research Areas: Physical and Analytical Chemistry
Office:  1201 D Jones Hall
Phone:  270-809-2587


Dr. Wafaa Fawzy

Wafaa Fawzy, Assistant Professor

B.Sc. -University of Alexandria, Egypt
M.Sc.-University of Alexandria, Egypt
Ph.D.-Michigan State University

Research Area:  Physical Chemistry
Office: 1203 Jones Hall
Phone: 270-809-6473


Loyd Horne

Lloyd Horne, Assistant Professor

B.S.-University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
M.S.-East Carolina University
Ph.D.-University of Florida

Research Area: Analytical Chemistry
Office: 1204 Jones Hall
Phone: 270-809-6542


Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson, Associate Professor

B.S.-Centre College
Ph.D.-University of Kentucky

Research Area:  Bioanalytical Chemistry
Office:  1221 Jones Hall
Phone:  270-809-4279



Bommanna G. Loganathan, Professor

B.S.-University of Madras, India
M.S.-Annamalai University, Porto Novo, India
Ph.D.-Annamalai University, Porto Novo, India
Ph.D.-Ehime University, Matsuyama, Japan.

Research Areas:  Environmental and Analytical Chemistry
Office:  1244 Jones Hall
Phone:  270-809-3044


Terry McCreary

Terry W. McCreary, Professor

B.S.-St. Francis College
M.S.-University of Georgia
Ph.D.-Virginia Tech University

Research Area: Analytical Chemistry
Office:  1242 Jones Hall
Phone:  270-809-6499


Kevin Miller

Kevin M. Miller, Assistant Professor

B.S.- University of Dayton
Ph.D.-University of Notre Dame

Research Areas:  Organic and Polymer Chemistry
Office:  1217 Jones Hall
Phone:  270-809-3543


Judy Ratliff

Judy Ratliff, Associate Professor

B.A.-Berea College
M.A.Ed.-Eastern Kentucky University
Ph.D.-University of Kentucky

Research Area: Analytical Chemistry
Office:  1232 Jones Hall
Phone:  270-809-6597


Dr. Kevin Revell

Kevin Revell, Assistant Dean, Associate Professor

B.S.-University of New Orleans
M.S.-Iowa State University
Ph.D.-University of South Florida

Research Area: Organic Chemistry
Office:  1234 Jones Hall
Phone:  270-809-6540

E-mail:  krevell@murraystate.edu


Bob Volp

Robert Volp, Associate Professor

B.S.-University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Ph.D.-University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Area: Biochemical Toxicology
Office:  1206 Jones Hall
Phone:  270-809-6598


Beth Brubaker

Beth Brubaker, Lab/Safety/Waste Coordinator
Phone:  270-809-6390





Bretteni Farris

Bretteni Hernandez, Accounts Inventory Control Clerk
Phone:  270-809-6490



Gail Raspberry

Gail Raspberry, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  270-809-2586




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