Anna S. Brown and Ruth B. Logan Endowed Chair in Pre-Medicine

Established: October 20, 1999

Current Chair: Dr. Ricky Cox


The Brown-Logan Endowed Chair in Pre-Medicine was established by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Logan for the support of the biomedical programs at Murray State University. The chair is to be filled with an exceptionally gifted and prolific scholar whose accomplishments will bring visibility and acclaim to the pre-medical programs at Murray State. This scholar will assist the university’s efforts in the recruitment, retention, and placement of pre-medical students and will be in the College of Science, Engineering and Technology. In addition, the Brown-Logan chair will direct the university’s efforts in the Murray State - UK Rural Health Care Initiative that is now in the planning stages. 

The endowed chair position will be filled with an exceptionally gifted and promising young scholar whose accomplishments indicate great potential for achievement. Proceeds from the endowment will be used to fund the position along with associated expenses including travel, start-up costs, and other professional expenses as permitted by university policy.

It is anticipated that the endowment and the expertise of the professor will enable greater recruitment, retention and graduate placement of pre-med students. Recruiting, retaining and matriculating bright students will promote program loyalty and, often, a return to practice in Kentucky.

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