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Welcome! You will find more information below about various tests offered at Murray State along with national test options, Advanced Placement, CLEP, and more. Please contact us with questions.

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Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams

Placement Testing Coordinator
Center for Student Engagement and Success

Accuplacer, KYOTE, ACT Options

College Board's Next Generation Accuplacer exams, which have Reading, Writing (English), and Mathematics components will be used as both a tool for placement in order to align students' knowledge and skills with course requirements and as an alternative admission test. For general eligibility policy and test information, please consult the Murray State Academic Bulletin.

Accuplacer tests are administered on an appointment basis and will require at least two business days' notice, be subject to availability and at the discretion of the testing center coordinator. To schedule an appointment, contact Sarah Williams at 270.809.6267 or swilliams85@murraystate.edu.

Accuplacer exams are $10 per test component, payable with exact cash, check or money order. The test fee, in addition to a valid, unexpired government-issued identification, must be brought to the coordinator on the day of testing. Veterans or active military personnel with valid identification will receive their first test session at no charge.

Test scores will be printed immediately upon completion of exams. A copy of scores will be given to the test taker, a copy will be sent to Admissions and a copy will be kept on file. You must contact the Murray State Office of Admissions at 270.809.3741 for verification of eligibility in order to take an Accuplacer exam in place of the ACT or SAT.

If you need to take the Accuplacer exam but cannot take it at the Main Campus of Murray State, you may be able to take a 'Remote' Accuplacer at a location which offers that service. A 'Virtual Remote', at-home Accuplacer can also be taken using the online-proctoring service Examity. Please contact Sarah Williams (swilliams85@murraystate.edu) for assistance in creating the voucher needed for either 'Remote' or 'Virtual Remote' testing.

The Kentucky Online Testing (KYOTE) gives students the opportunity to assess their basic skill proficiency in English Composition, Reading and Mathematics. KYOTE testing (combined with high school GPA, advising sessions and standardized test scores) can help determine the best way the university can support students' path to success and can determine the need for students to be placed in co-requisite courses. The KYOTE test is optional. The KYOTE test is FREE to all students.

Who should take the KYOTE?

  • Anyone who has no other placement scores (ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, etc.)

  • Anyone who has scores that fall below the benchmark listed in the chart below and wish to attempt to test out of those pre- or co-requisite courses.

  • Anyone with scores older than 9 months who needs Mathematics and/or English placement

Test Score Placement Chart

Murray State will continue to administer the National ACT.  The remaining date for the 2022-2023 National ACT is July 15th in Faculty Hall. The new 2023-2024 test dates, beginning in September, will be announced when they become available. Learn more information regarding future National ACT dates. If you require accommodated testing, please contact the Accommodated Testing department at ACT, Inc. Check the ACT student page for updates.

ACT, Inc. has changed the name of the ACT Residual test to ACT On-Campus testing. This version of the ACT is still the same as the National version; however, answer sheets are hand-scored and can only be used for admission to Murray State, as well as for Murray State scholarship purposes. Students who do not intend to enroll at Murray State University or whose degree may necessitate later transfer to another institution (such as veterinary school, law school, etc.) are advised to take the National ACT rather than the ACT On-Campus (formerly the ACT-R).

The ACT On-Campus is offered and administered by the Office of Recruitment.

Register for the ACT On-Campus test. Space is limited and you must register in order to test.

For more information, or to cancel or change a test date, contact Leigh Knight at lknight@murraystate.edu or 270.809.5200.

For information on accommodations available for ACT On-Campus, contact the Murray State University Office of Student Disability Services at 270.809.2018 or msu.studentdisabilities@murraystate.edu.


National Exams and Advanced Placement

CLEP (College-Level Examination Program®) exams offer the opportunity to test out of introductory courses and move to more advanced courses sooner, saving time toward your degree. The CLEP exam is given remotely (at home) or in person at an approved testing center. Visit the CLEP testing website for more information.

View current Listing of CLEP Credit accepted by Murray State University

Murray State University recognizes that many students gain advanced competency in specific subjects prior to enrolling in college courses. Students are encouraged to complete any national tests for credit before enrolling.

CLEP examinations may be taken by anyone and are not limited to Murray State University students. CLEP credit will not be awarded for students who are trying to repeat the course for which credit is sought. If currently enrolled in the class for which credit is sought, the current class must be dropped prior to attending the first class before CLEP credit can be awarded for that class.

It is highly recommended that potential examinees check with their academic advisor and the Registrar's Office (msu.registration@murraystate.edu) to verify that the CLEP exam will be beneficial and valid.

To be considered for credit, an official score report must be sent directly to the Admissions Office from the College Board. This could take approximately two to three weeks. A CLEP examinee must wait three months before re-taking the same exam. If taken at Murray State, unofficial results of the CLEP test are sent within two business days to the Transfer Center located on the first floor of the Curris Center. For information on the acceptance of testing credit, contact the Transfer Center at 270.809.3350 or msu.transfercenter@murraystate.edu

The DANTES DSST [(Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Subject  Standardized Tests (DSST)] provides military members with the opportunity to test out of specific classes. Visit the DANTES website to learn more. For information on the acceptance of DSST/Dantes credit, contact the Transfer Center at 270.809.3350 or msu.transfercenter@murraystate.edu

The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is a standardized test used as an admissions requirement for many graduate schools in the United States and Canada and a few other countries. The GRE is given remotely (at home) or in person at an approved testing center. Visit the GRE testing website for more information.

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a standardized test administered by the Law School Admission Council for prospective law school candidates. It is designed to assess reading comprehension as well as logical and verbal reasoning proficiency. The LSAT is given remotely (at home) or in person at an approved testing center. Visit the LSAT testing website for more information.

The Praxis tests measure the knowledge and skills individuals need to prepare for the classroom as an educator. The Praxis Exam is given remotely (at home) or in person at an approved testing center. Visit the Praxis testing website for more information.

Learn about the Kentucky requirements

Working in conjunction with the Hutson School of Agriculture for the benefit of their Unmanned Aerial Systems program, the suite of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exams will be offered. The FAA's Airman Knowledge Testing Program includes exams for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone Operators), Instrument Rating Airplane, Private Pilot Airplane, Aviation Maintenance Technician and many others. 

Learn about PSI/FAA exams

For a tutorial video on how to register for these exams, click the link:  PSI/FAA Registration Tutorial Video

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in English-speaking universities. The TOEFL is given remotely (at home) or in person at an approved testing center. Visit the TOEFL testing website for more information.

View TOEFL Online Study Materials

AP gives students the chance to tackle college-level work while they're still in high school—whether they're learning online or in the classroom. And through taking AP Exams, students can earn college credit and placement.

To be considered for credit, an official score report must be mailed to the Admissions Office from the specific testing service's national headquarters.

Testing credit may not be used to repeat a course taken previously and will be awarded only to students enrolled at Murray State.

Although Murray State accepts each of the AP tests listed, credit will not be awarded for two or more that have significantly similar subject content.

View current AP Exam Equivalencies





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